Text from Dog: Old dog, new tricks

Me: Could you please make room for me? #TextFromDog I finally got the pillow the way I like it. Me: There’s room for both of us if you move your legs. Dog: You’d make an old dog move? Me: Ugh. You win. Dog: I always do.

If anyone asks me what breed Jasper is, I usually tell them he’s a Comfort Hound. Getting—and staying—comfortable an art form with him.

He can expand or contract to take up whatever space is needed for the required amount of comfort, and his long legs can extend or contract as well. Thus, this dog can curl up on a small cushion or take up an entire couch or queen-sized bed. 

And the thing is, he always has this expression like he’s saying, “Yes. This. This is the way it is meant to be. I am in the zone. I am one with the couch. I am comfort personified.”

Now tell me, how I can make someone who is that comfortable, that in the moment, that content—how could I make him move?

This is why he always wins. And why we have more than one couch in our family room and living room.

Do you make your pets move when you sit down?

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  1. *** THAT FACE *** Staring at you with those huge eyes! I’d be a goner!

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