Dog Cave: Finding Safety and Security Under the Desk

My office is set up to help me be creative and productive. Phone, laptop and monitor on the desk. Within easy reach are a color printer and a shelf full of references: books on grammar and style, as well as several dictionaries and thesauruses, er, theseauri… (Had to look that up. Apparently it’s acceptable either way. Like hippopotamus.)

My desk faces a window, so I can easily be distracted inspired by the squirrels hopping from limb to limb in the trees just outside, and I can watch the birds as they go about their business, stopping to sing me a song from the porch roof.

Oh, wait. That’s what my cats do.

Because my office is also set up to be quite the destination for my cats and dogs.

About a quarter of my desktop real estate has been catified: there’s a hammock / scratcher combo and two fleecy beds.

Elsa Clair, Calvin and Dawn on my desk

Dawn and I disagree on the proper use of a laptop.

My bookcase includes a cats-only section.

Calvin in bookcase

There are three cushy dog beds, so my posse can stay close.

Tucker, Jasper & Lilah in the office

Three beds, no waiting.

However, there’s one part of my office that I wouldn’t have thought was pet friendly, until one of my dogs pointed it out it.

Back when Rosie was still with us, she loved to sleep in the kneehole of my desk. I couldn’t imagine it was comfortable, as I keep a tilted footstool there to help me maintain proper seating posture.

Rosie and her ball under my desk

Rosie and her ever-present Ball.

I thought it was just a Rosie thing, because she also loved to hide and play in boxes.

But then Lilah started doing the same thing, though she never met Rosie.

I’ll be working on a post and feel the soft pressure of Lilah’s body as she pushes by me. Then she’ll lay down with a sigh and take a nap.

Lilah under my desk

Lilah under my desk. Notice the basket of stuffed toys to the side of my desk.

It’s become a favorite spot of Lilah’s. When I’m working, she nearly always squeezes her way in and hangs out there.

What is it about this small, cramped spot with limited access and little light? Why is it so attractive to my dogs?

I think I know.

It’s a cave.

It’s a hiding place.

It’s safety and security.

Jasper looks at Lilah hiding under the desk

Jasper doesn’t understand why Lilah hangs out under my desk.

Don’t we all crave that sometimes?

How many of us remember a childhood that included making tents out of blankets and forts out of boxes?

How many of us would love a place away from phones and emails and requests and problems and noise and all the people and things and tasks that want a piece of you?

How many of us would like to hide from it all, if only for a little while?

Lilah rests under my desk

The footstool doesn’t bother Lilah; she’ll  often rest her paw on it, or use it as a pillow.

Hey Lilah, is there room for me too?

Lilah sleeping under desk

Lilah, safe, secure and sound asleep.

Do your pets have special hidey spots? Ever want to join them?

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12 Comments on "Dog Cave: Finding Safety and Security Under the Desk"

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  1. Earl Lover says:

    Hehe. Great spots.

  2. slimdoggy says:

    Tino used to worm his way in there when it was windy out – he hated the wind, but non of my other dogs have. Maggie has taken to using Jack’s crate as her hidey hole and she climbs all the way in the back and curls up.

  3. Heck, now I want to crawl in there with Lilah!! Safety… what a concept!

    You can choose your distractions now, squirrels or cats of pups!
    Lots of ways to avoid work, er, spend some creative thinking time.
    LeeAnna and Cole

  4. Jan K says:

    I love your office setup! It reminds me of mine with all the animals in it, though now my cats are put out because they don’t have a spot on my desk to hang (it’s just not big enough).
    Our beagle Kobi used to always have his favorite spot under my desk as well, right by my feet. He’s the only one though that ever slept under there. I do get Sheba hiding under the desk when there’s a storm or strong wind, but she’s not relaxed enough to lie down under there.

  5. Cozy office! Mr. N doesn’t really “hide” unless something freaks him out like fireworks. Our foster pup used to like hanging out under the couch though.

  6. Robin says:

    You have a great office! I love that all of your pets have a place in there. My kitties both want my lap no matter what other places are available to them. It seems like you have the purrrfect set up for creativity 🙂

  7. Brian Frum says:

    That looks like the purrfect office to me!

  8. Ruby says:

    I knows why you wants you doggies in the same room….so you can be sure they’re not gettin’ into troubles!!!!! BOL!!! Yuppers! Ma says a quiet Airedale is up to no good…hehehe
    I wouldn’t like the desk cave cause I likes to make a quick getaway…☺
    the beds howevers…
    Ruby ♥

  9. MyDogLikes says:

    Awww, they just want to be close the one they love!! This is so precious! Our boys definitely have spots they like to lay in depending on what room we are in!

  10. Well, that sounds darn cozy and inviting. She looks so sweet curled up in there! Rita has about 10 different places in the house that she likes to curl up and sleep, but none of them are cozy little hidey spots. (Which is kinda surprising now that I think about it, cuz she has some fears, so you’d think she’d like a little cozy spot. Maybe she thinks she’s too busy protecting the realm; she can’t hide when she’s got work to do!)

  11. Kari says:

    What a dog friendly office!

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