App Review: Cute or Not

Cute or Not -- the new app from Buzz Feed

Cute or Not, the new app from Buzz Feed

Your dog is adorable. Your cat is cute. And you want to share pictures of your beautiful furbabies with everyone.

There’s an app for that.

Buzz Feed’s new app Cute or Not lets people upload pictures of their pets so that other people can look at them.

And judge them — with a swipe to the right (Cute) or to the left (Not).

Athena's photo on Buzz Feed's Cute or Not app

Cute or Not?

It’s like Tinder for pets, without the sex and the hook-ups. Just the judgement. [Tweet](If you don’t know what Tinder is, ask the nearest twenty-something human to explain.)

It’s admittedly addicting, looking at photo after photo of furry and fluffy (and sometimes blurry) sweetness. Though I find myself almost never swiping left; who am I to judge when every pet is cute in his or her own way?

Once you start oohing and aahing and awwing over everyone else’s pets, you’ll want to upload your own.

It’s pretty easy to do. Click on the camera icon to access your phone’s photo library. Choose your pic and crop or center it.

Type in your pet’s name.

Sweet Lilah will get lots of Cute votes, I'm sure.

Sweet Lilah will get lots of Cute votes, I’m sure.

Note whether your pet is a dog or a cat, and choose a one-word description.

From the Cute or Not Buzz Feed app

Lilah is a brave dog.

The app turns your description into a shareable photo with a caption.

I think Athena would agree with her caption.

I think Athena would agree with her caption.

Share now or later, and then…your pet’s pic is ready for voting.

Athena on Buzz Feed's Cute or Not?

Cute? Swipe right!

Afterwards, you can check your pet’s stats or look at the photos that are trending.

Lilah's early stats on Buzz Feed's Cute or Not?

Lilah has my vote!

Cute or Not is simple to use and amazingly addicting. It’s a great way to fill waste time when you should probably be walking your pup or playing with your kitty.

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll say every dog and cat (and other!) is cute. Because they are.

Cute or Not is free and is currently available only for iPhones

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  1. Emma says:

    Oh no, no more photo programs or apps…no time left to monkey with that stuff. Mom needs to focus more on us, not the app stuff!

  2. easy rider says:

    I like this apps, they are great when we have to wait (at a show) somewhere or while riding in the car (as a passenger of course lol)

  3. Sounds fun! I’ll have to check it out!
    Athena and Lilah would definitely get my vote!

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Seriously, we think ALL pets are cute. So we’d probably screw up the app by always choosing “CUTE.” 🙂

  5. We’ll check that app out. There’s a website called KittenWar which pits two cats against one another and you hafta pick the one who you think is cuter. That’s pretty addicting too.

  6. That app sounds like fun ! But we wonder where Mum will find time for using it… Purrs

  7. I was trying to imagine ever saying not cute! Does look like fun.

  8. I don’t have an iPhone but this sure sounds cute.

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