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Athena and Tucker Have a Special Relationship

Athena, Centered

Athena’s New Perspective

Athena Finds a Bug

Athena Wants to Watch Birds

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Something Is Wrong

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Lilah Touches Athena

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Squirreling it Away

Squirreling it Away

My family room features several large windows that overlook a stone patio and a shade garden. Hanging throughout the garden are a few bird feeders. Well, more than a few. Actually, more than a dozen. I love watching birds at my feeders. It’s mesmerizing and fascinating. In a post a few months ago, I included […]

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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of Corinne’s student film, from a dog and cat perspective.

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After Irene

After Irene

Hurricane Irene rained and raged and stormed and blew. By the next morning, the rain had let up a bit and by early afternoon, all that was left was the wind.

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