So I Went to BlogPaws and the Cat Writers’ Association Conference and I…

So I Went to BlogPaws and the Cat Writers’ Association Conference and I…

Played with kittens

BlogPaws CWA Armani kitten BlogPaws

Meet Armani, one of the rescue kittens brought to the conference by my friend Jeanne from Random Felines.

Dior kitten BlogPaws

This is his sister, Dior.

Gucci looking at camera kitten BlogPaws

And oh my purrs and whiskers did I almost bring Gucci home with me!

Connected with old friends, and made some new ones.

Susan Sophie BlogPaws

No BlogPaws is complete without spending some time with my favorite CH kitty Sophie, who is The Sweetest Cat Ever. And yes, I like to hang out with her humans, Emily and Bobby from Kitty Cat Chronicles. But still. Sophie. <3

Vivee dog BlogPaws Sandy

I met Vivee (and her human, Sandy) for the first time. She requested for belly rubs and I obliged, since she asked so nicely.

Lynn Thompson Susan Willett Anne Maria Tafoya

I met Lynn of Thompson Writing & Editing at an author’s panel last year, and Anne Maria and her dog Cute Sophia Loren (who, sadly, is not pictured) at previous conferences.

Julie and Dexter BlogPaws

Typical scene at BlogPaws. My blogger and photographer friend Julie (Sometimes Cats Herd You) and Dexter from Playful Kitty. His human is nearby, but as is typical of CWA and BlogPaws, we’re all about the pets.

Snowe and Leroy

Quite possibly the smallest and the biggest non-human attendees at BlogPaws: Snowe the hamster, whose human is Emmy the Petsitter and Leroy whose human won the Nose-to-Nose Award for best humor blog, My Brown Newfies .

Kate Benjamin Armani BlogPaws

Hung out with Kate Benjamin (seen snuggling Armani) of Hauspanther in her cat-abulous Cat Style Lounge, where I fell in love with way too many awesome cat products.

Was amused by the unique details of a pet friendly (and environmentally friendly) conference.

BlogPaws CWA Check in Core BlogPaws

Mints at check in? Nope. Poop bags and dog treats.

Pets in room doorhanger BlowPaws

Seen on many doors in the hotel.

Learned about new pet products.

BlogPaws CWA Bippies cat hair BlogPaws

Yes. Nine Lives Twine will make things from your cat’s fur. A little weird, but kind of a neat memorial. I like this.

Viagen BlogPaws

For a mere $25,000, you can clone your cat. $50,000 for a dog. The future is here through Viagen Pets.

And added some of them to my “Want. This.” list.

Camper Van from Monster Factory

My Life with Dogs and Cats travel representative Rover poses next to a Camper Van from Monster Factory/a>. I would probably just keep this around as a hangout. Because it’s just so darn cute.

BlogPaws CWA Dancing Cat BlogPaws

I lusted after these adorable works of art by Jamie Shelman at The Dancing Cat and I was happy to say I won one: the cat making litterbox art! Which technically makes this post an ad because I was compensated for it by winning the piece. Which I probably would have bought anyway. Because. Cats and art.

Hung out with a bunch of winners.

BlogPaws Nose to Nose group Carl Kerridge Photography

My post Ketsishe Rose was a Nose-to-Nose award finalist for best written blog post; here I am on the red carpet with all the other finalists! I didn’t win (Some Pets did with a marvelous article “Blogging Adversity and the Journey from Helplessness to Hope.”) Photo by Carl Kerridge Photography.

Did I say I played with kittens?

Kitten Jo Jo Armani Hauspanther moccasin

Armani made himself right at home, as well as especially photogenic in a moccasin bed by Napping Jo Jo previously seen at the Cat Style Lounge, and available on the Hauspanther website. (along with a sneaker bed I think I need.)

Gucci phone BlogPaws

Gucci calling for room service.

Chairman Meow BlowPaws

Gucci poses purr-fectly on the Chairman Meow t-shirt I also won from the Cat Style Lounge, making this an ad as well, for Squirrel Den Studio . Apparently the words underneath the image on the shirt say “Chairman Mao gives us a happy life.”

Shared my thoughts on how to create engaging content.

BlogPaws CWA engaging content session hand raised searching kingdom slide Carl Kerridge Photography (1)

My session on “Telling Tales: How to create content that attracts, engages, and keeps your audience coming back for more” was well attended, and folks were even kind enough to ask questions.  Photo by Carl Kerridge Photography.

Was honored to receive several awards from the Cat Writers’ Association.

Susan and Ken CATalyst award

At the Cat Writers’ Association award banquet I was honored to receive the CATalyst Council Connection award for my story about Penny, the cat I adopted for my mom. Dr. Ken Lambrecht of cat friendly West Town Veterinary Center and his lovely cat Bug presented it to me.

BlogPaws CWA Awards CWA BlogPaws

I ended the night with more honors than I could imagine. In addition to the CATalyst Council award, I also received the Kari Winters Rescue and Rehabilitation Award sponsored by The International Cat Association and a CWA Muse Medallion for the story about Penny. I also was thrilled to be honored with a Muse for one of my (well, Elsa Clair’s) Haiku by Cat: Attraction and another one for my video Elsa Clair’s Gold Medal Purr-formance.

Came home to some very happy dogs and cats

Calvin cat bag bedroom

“I will claim this Alley Cat Rescue bag as my own.”

Calvin on suitcase

“And next time, you’re taking me with you. Unless I have to travel in a crate. Or there are people I don’t know.”

As always, attending BlogPaws and the CWA conference was a wonderful experience. Now I’m looking forward to next year!

What pet-related events have you attended recently?

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  1. good to know that Chairman Meow t-shirt translate to something cute 🙂

    we were more than happy to provide kitten therapy – and glad mom was there to see you again

    • Yeah, I know. I was worried it might have been gibberish or meant something bizarre, so I went to the designer’s Etsy store and she had translated it. I felt better. Though I’m not sure my son (whom the shirt was for) cared. 🙂

  2. If only there were some kittens there 😉

  3. Wonderful recap ! Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of BlogPaws with us ! Purrs

  4. It was so good to see you at BlogPaws! I think I have as many photos of those adorable kittens as I do people at the conference. Looking forward to seeing you again next year.

  5. It was so good to see you at the conference! What a wonderfully kitten-ful recap, as all great events should be.

  6. It was so great to see you! I always enjoy getting to visit with you at BlogPaws, and so does Sophie! Looking forward to next year! Congrats on all your awards too, by the way! Of course I’m not surprised though.. 😉

  7. I missed hanging out with you this year! Congratulations on your awards – very well deserved. And I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I saw it on FB the night of the banquet and knew it must have been a difficult time for you, both as a winner and as a presenter. May his memory be a blessing to you and your family.

  8. C’mon…admit it…playing with kittens was the best part about BlogPaws. 😉 But seriously, it was great seeing you again…and flying home with you. Congrats on all your well deserved awards too. ~Island Cat Mom

  9. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    Thanx Susan for sharing this post; I enjoyed reading it and seeing all the events/people/pets !! Conga rats on your win from CWA !!! way cool ….and da tabbies say two de crew; thanx for hostin an awesum partee while mom waz a way 😉 ♥♥

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