Photo: The Wishing Dog

Wordless Wednesday

Make a wish come true. Adopt a pet.

A hope for love. A dream of family. A wish for home.

Rescue dogs. Or cats. Or other pets. Adult dogs. Or puppies. Mutts. Or Purebreds.

Every one of us who adopts a pet, providing a safe and loving home for a unique and beautiful soul, makes a wish come true.


Tell us about your pets. By being part of your life, do they make your wishes come true too?


In case you’re wondering if there’s someone out there wishing for you…

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23 Comments on "Photo: The Wishing Dog"

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  1. Granting the wish for a forever home for a sweet pet is a wonderful thing. Happy WW

  2. Brian Frum says:

    We love that wish, but we really love that sweet face too! Thanks for stopping by, you have a wonderful blog!

  3. easy rider says:

    may all the wishes of homeless pets come true. efurrybuddy needs and deserves a good home.

  4. jan says:

    We do believe we will someday soon be a No-kill nation when every dog has a family for love and life.

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    We love your wishing face, sweet one. And we love your wish for forever homes (it’s our most fervent wish, too).

  6. We all must keep praying that all of those precious pets will one day soon be given their forever homes!

  7. What a sweet picture and a perfect message. We adopted our current girl and our last. We only hope we bring (brought) as much joy to them, giving them a furever home, as they give to us! (Voted. Good luck!)

    • BTW, Love your Rosie post. Thanks for adding it to the hop. She was SO cute. Love the snow pics and the “Movie Dub” is classic. Sounds like she had a BIG personality, like our Abby!

      • Thank you. She was a special dog, just bursting with personality. To this day, I still think the exact same thing when I heard she had cancer: Not my Rosie. Not. My. Rosie.

        Cancer sucks.

  8. Sharon S. says:

    Adopt don’t shop. If everyone could see this little face they would never step into a pet shop.

  9. That is such a great photo! Bentley and I make each other’s wishes come true. Him is just by being Bentley and mine is spoiling him to the max! BOL!

  10. What a beautiful message. We hope all animals find lovely forever homes soon!

  11. We purr that wishes come true!

  12. Tamago says:

    Beautiful photo and message. Every fur kids deserve home of their own.

  13. High paw! We believe in that wish, too.

  14. Mark at DBDT says:

    Great photo and wonderful sentiment. Every dog and cat in our house are rescues.

  15. Jane Y. says:

    I love this so very much. xoxo.

  16. I believe that wishes can and do come true. So here’s to wishing for all pets to have forever homes.

  17. Ruby says:

    I LOVES that!!! I hopes all the pets in the worlds gets their furever homes real soon!!!
    Ruby ♥

  18. This is adorable, I love it! <3

  19. Dawn says:

    Sweet! What a cutie pup that is too. 🙂

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