Portrait of 3 Dogs

Contrary to Paul Simon’s lyrics, not everything looks worse in black and white. (See his song, Kodachrome.) Some photos are greatly enhanced when the nice bright colors and greens of summer are no longer there to distract.

Black-and-white photos seem to tell more of a story. Emotions shine through. Personalities.

For example, without color to get in the way, you can focus on the souls presented in a portrait.

Like this photo of Tucker, Lilah and Jasper that I took recently.

Tucker Lilah and Jasper posing in black and white

Tucker, Lilah and Jasper.

While I do like the color version of the photo, I see things in it like my neighbor’s red car, or their house or driveway — stuff I don’t pay attention to in the black-and-white version.

Tucker Lilah and Jasper pose for a group portrait

I’d rather focus on the doggies.

And while we’re speaking of distraction and not paying attention, here is one of my favorite pictures from my portrait session. I call it There Was A Noise.

Outtake from a portrait session: Tucker, Lilah & Jasper distracted

Squirrel? Bird? Wind?

In this case, the color photo tells it’s own story — one that captures the essence of dog.

Do you sometimes find the “bad” pictures are sometimes the best ones?

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12 Comments on "Portrait of 3 Dogs"

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  1. Earl Lover says:

    Lovely shots.


  2. Bahahahaha! We have a bunch of “What was that noise?” photos. I agree the black and white photos allow you to see the beauty of each dog.

  3. Black n white photo provides a different meaning. Hope you guys are having a great Sunday. Golden Woofs

  4. Love that they all turned at the same time. I really prefer black and white. You are right, the soul shines through without the distractions.

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    Such lovely photos. We love how color or the lack of it changes how we see what is in the photo.

  6. MOL ! We love the “What’s that noise” photo ! Purrs

  7. Great pics! I love black and white photos.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  8. Haha we had the same idea! I think it was last weeks black and white photo. mom was so upset because all of the shots she wanted to use you could see the trash behind me, orange Dominos pizza boxes. She forgot, when she converted to black and white, no more trash! Love your photos, no way mom can get me and Taffy to pose together! Love Dolly

  9. Robin says:

    Great photos! I agree – black and white can be very beautiful. Sometimes color just makes a photo noisy. Emotion and movement come out better in black and white many times. Great photo of the dogs reacting to a noise! That would be the kind of photo my cats would give me if I tried to pose them.

  10. I agree. The dogs really stand out in the BW photo.

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