Photo: 3 dogs smile for the camera

I take pictures of my dogs and cats nearly every day. Usually they’re candids; I love catching my pets in the act of being themselves.

Every once in a while, when the lighting is right or a background is pretty, I’ll pose the three dogs and attempt to take a nice photo.

Emphasis on that word “attempt.” I’ve written posts (Picture Perfect, Part I, Picture Perfect, Part II) and texts about the challenges of taking a picture of three dogs. At the same time. All looking at the camera.

While I have my dogs trained to the Look At Me command, that’s a hard one to do when there–SQUIRREL!–are so many types of–DEER!–distractions.

But when the planets–and dogs–are aligned, and they’re in a good mood, and nobody’s got a bug up his nose and the camera is working…

I get this:

Lilah, Tucker and Jasper--the three dogs from Life with Dogs and Cats

My new favorite picture of my three favorite pups.

What do you have to do to get a good photo of your pet(s)?

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14 Comments on "Photo: 3 dogs smile for the camera"

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  1. That is such a fantastic picture!

  2. I know the feeling! lol What a fantastic photo!!

  3. Emma says:

    Usually Katie just flat out refuses to look, Bailie and I love to pose, so we are pretty easy. Sometimes Mom holds a crinkle thing in her one hand, camera in the other and says treat. Normally that gets Katie’s attention.

  4. It’s a wonderful photo and it shows why we love them so much :o) The Model named Easy always wants a treat for a photo :o)

  5. Brian Frum says:

    Howdy smiling faces!!!

  6. I make noises or hold a treat. Mr. N is usually good about looking at me for indoor shots.

  7. that is a great shot and I can see why it’s your favorite. It is hard for us to get both Bentley & Pierre to look. I’d hate to try with three! ☺

  8. Sandy says:

    That is a GREAT picture – maybe perfect for your 2014 Christmsa photo card or would the cats be upset??

  9. Aww.. what a great photo! So sweet. I wish I could get one like this of the cats!

  10. meowmeowmans says:

    That is a fantastic picture! We can understand why it’s your new favorite. 🙂

  11. Jen Gabbard says:

    Getting 3 to look like that it simply the best – I love the photo. It’s hard for me to get good photos of ONE dog even without squirrels or deer, I couldn’t imagine 3 together. For some reason when I set out to get some great photos of Laika it ends up with her running around and assuming it’s play time and her nudging me with toys rather than sitting still.

  12. Rebekah says:

    I love this picture!

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