Cat story: Cats love Doctor Who

There’s something about Doctor Who…

First, there was Elsa Clair, who watched with us through several Doctors, including her favorite, David Tennant.

Elsa Clair likes the 10th Doctor, and Donna Noble is her favorite companion.


And this past weekend, Calvin joined us as we were watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

My cats love Doctor Who. I always suspected they were aliens. Now I’m convinced.

Calvin watching Doctor Who

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  1. Lil Bear says:

    Has you ever seen da movie Cat From Outer Space? Dat Movie show how kitties are frum another planet. Some of us kitties dont remember dat and shows likes Dr. Who dey reminds us. Dats what Joey says… Me too little to know bout dat. Hey Mom, whats dat funny phone booth doing in the back yard… Mom??? Mom???

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