Who Wins When a Cat and a Human Debate the Ownership of a Raincoat?

The railing on our stairway ends in a curl that seems designed for temporary hangage — a perfect place to hang a purse, a jacket, a bathrobe, a coat.

I should know better, in a house full of cats.

It’s amusing enough when someone (Calvin) decides a coat hung by the stairs makes a great cave from which to pounce unsuspecting ankles.

Calvin hides under my purse and inside my winter coat.

Calvin finds a purr-fect cave under my purse, within my winter coat.

But a lightweight and slippery raincoat does not stay firmly hung the way a winter coat does. Particularly when a cat (Calvin) believes the jacket in question was meant to be his.

The other day I tossed my raincoat over the curl (which, in case you’re wondering is officially called a “volute”) and ran upstairs to grab my purse. Seconds later when I came back down, the coat was on the floor and the cat was on the coat.

Thus began the Great Raincoat Ownership Debate, which carried on long enough for me to take pictures and video for edification and amusement.

After careful study of said recordings, I’ve discovered that there are specific steps in which a cat claims ownership of an item. I’ve provided them below, so we can all learn from my experience.

Step 1: Walk on the item

Calvin stands on my raincoat.

The raincoat is down! I will walk all over it.

Step 2: Sit on the item

Calvin sits on my raincoat.

I sits. No fits.

Step 3: Hunch on the item

Calvin sits on my raincoat.

I have a hunch this was meant for me.

Step 4: Pounce on the item

Calvin the cat pounces on my raincoat.

With these paws, I claim it.

Step 5: Perform bunny kicks on the item

Calvin does bunny kicks on my raincoat.

I will watch you as I bunny kick it into submission.

Step 6: Bite the item

Calvin bites my raincoat.

You want it? I bite it.

Step 7: Lie on the item

Calvin lies on the raincoat.

I’ll just stay here.

Step 8: Item owned

Calvin owns my raincoat

Mine. You wouldn’t argue with this face, would you?

Cat vs. Human: It’s My Raincoat

Below is the video of the Great Debate. I won’t tell you who won; you’ll have to watch it to find out.

What do you and your pet discuss or debate? Who usually wins?

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  1. Daisy says:

    I love cats’ antics, I get such a laugh out of my friends’ cats when I visit them. This was such a fun series of pictures, Calvin is quite the character and certainly gets his point across! And just as an aside, when it comes to the dog vs. human blanket wars, dog always – ALWAYS – wins. 🙂

  2. Lexy and I win with just about everything. Especially the bed and pillows.

  3. Um, we hope you found another coat to wear. Possession is really 9/10ths the law, you know. 😉

    • Actually, though it’s not obvious from the video, I was able to — temporarily — regain ownership of the raincoat and go shopping. Now that it’s back in the closet, I think the cats are plotting to take it back.

  4. meowmeowmans says:

    Yes, indeed, Calvin. That is YOUR raincoat. As if there was even any debate. Haha!

  5. Well done, Calvin ! Everything belongs to the cat, everyone knows it… Purrs

  6. When my dad left a coat in a similar place (one that had treats in the pocket), the pocket got eaten. I think he would have preferred it to be a bed:)

    • Oops! I’ve been there! I had pockets eaten out of jackets and pants. I lost a treat bag that was hanging within nose reach. I should know better and just use closets, even for short periods. Thank goodness we have thumbs and cats and dogs do not. 😉

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