Thankful for Dogs

I am thankful I share my life with dogs. Here’s why:

Life with Dogs

taut, furry stretchy bellies
beckon a touch, a rub
speaking volumes about trust and love

moist, cool doggy noses
leaving splotchy memories
on my car windows

sloppy, shlorby kisses
droobly, dribbly muzzles
snouts nudging my hands

furry waggy tails
curled joyfully aloft
while bodies squirm with joy

whisper woofs and barks of attention
moans and groans and murgly mumbles
soft sighs and loud yawns

ffft ffft ffft of floppity ears
thunk thunk of tails against walls
jangley clang of collar tags heading my way

warm soulful eyes
watching, following, caring
asking for a glance, a word, a caress

morning back rolls
caught with legs pointing at the ceiling
and undignified upside down grins

heads placed gently on my lap
eyes beseeching mine
radiating solace

warm snuggly bodies
pouring out heat and contentment
and sharing fur souvenirs

balletic leaps pulling frisbees out of the air
anticipatory moments before a ball is thrown
rear-in-the-air excitement of a good chase

contentment without expectations
acceptance without questions
love without boundaries




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  1. I concur…
    Tucker has the cutest face.

  2. Have a warm love filled hoilday and be sure you get some tastes of the holiday meal!

  3. Viveca says:

    Love what you wrote … A favorite quote of mine from another talented author is this one:

    His ears were often the first thing to catch my tears. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    Best to you!


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