A Tax Day Cat Video: Don’t Take My Money

My cat Calvin and "his" money.

Calvin and “his” money.

April 15 is Tax Day here in the U.S., when we all have to pay our share to the government, though this year, the money is due on 17th because Tax Day can never fall on a Sunday, and this year Emancipation Day, which is only celebrated in Washington D.C. (though I can’t imagine why) is on Monday. 

Normally I don’t mind paying taxes that much, but this year, not only was there was no tax break in our house, but I’m less than impressed with how the current regime is spending my hard-earned dollars. 

Below is a video of Calvin, which I think expresses quite nicely how I feel when someone tries to take my money away, and I think I have better uses for it. Like buying more catnip. Or dog toys.

My cat Calvin demonstrates how I feel when someone wants to take away my hard-earned money, and I think have better uses for it.

What would your pets spend money on?

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  1. meowmeowmans says:

    MOL. We’re with you and Calvin. Stop taking our money!

  2. Same thing here ! Purrs

  3. As long as the feds don’t start taxin’ the nip, it’s probably okay. purrs

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