Story: Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

I’m sure everyone was busy on January 22 for Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. I know I was.

We woke up to the traditional Cat Question carol being sung sweetly by a chorus of four kitty voices. My favorite is “Where’s My Noms?”4 cats eating

The day was spent doing all the things we love to do on this special day.

Taking baths and getting ready for the celebrations. “Can’t a cat have some privacy?”

Athena bath couch


Watching birds. “Why can’t we go chase them?”

Elsa Clair watches birds snow


Teasing dogs. “Why are they here in the first place?”

Elsa Clair door Lilah Jasper


Playing games like Kitty Hide and Seek: “Where’s the Calvin?”

Calvin hiding in tree tube


And Chase the Mousie on the Stairs: “Why can’t we do this all the time?”

Elsa Clair top of stairs toy


There’s the ever-popular Paws for Reflection moment. “Why did you close the door?”

Calvin foot under bathroom door


And the relaxing Sitting on the Lap. “Where do laps go when you stand up?”

Calvin on lap by desk


And, of course, the highlight of the day: Opening of the Box with Crinkly Paper! “Is that for me?”

Calvin box stairs

Hope everyone else had a purr-fectly happy, question-filled Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.

I know we did.


What did you do to celebrate this once-a-year event? What questions did your cat ask? Were you able to answer the all?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    calvin…ore elsa…we canna tell who bee at de paddy oh door frum R side…but dont let de dawgs IN !!!

    nyah nyah ~~~~~~


  2. MOL! You sure had a lot of questions. We hope you got the answers you wanted. 🙂

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