Dog Versus Cats? #FakeNews

“While American intelligence agencies concluded in January that a major goal of Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president, was to damage Hillary Clinton, the Facebook operation shows the Russian government reached deeply into polarizing political issues on multiple fronts.

Russia experts said Mr. Putin hoped to mar the image of American democracy and handicap the United States’ international influence. “In every case, the voices posed as Americans and presumed to speak for like-thinking fellow citizens: anti-immigration zealots, gun-rights advocates, gay rights supporters, African-American activists — and, more incongruously, dog lovers, according to the two people familiar with the sampling of advertisements.”

“Facebook’s Russia-Linked Ads Came in Many Disguises,” The New York Times, October 2, 2017

Say what? Calvin is surprised that Russia has developed fake Facebook accounts for dog lovers.

Fake Russian Facebook pages for dog lovers?


Overheard: A conversation among my dogs and cats.


My dogs and cats discuss the Russian conspiracy

My dogs and cats discuss the Russian conspiracy

Jasper [DOG]: Did you hear? Mom says that the Russians are behind the whole dogs versus cats thing.

Dawn [CAT]: Wait. What?

Jasper [DOG]: She says they’ve been creating fake Facebook pages just to create chaos and divisiveness. They made one for dog lovers.

Lilah [DOG]: Really? They put dogs versus cats on par with gun control, immigration, race, and LGBT issues?

Athena [CAT]: You mean it’s all been —

Calvin [CAT]: Fake news!

Dawn [CAT]: Oh. My. Cod.

Elsa Clair [CAT]: You mean “Cats rule, dogs drool was… propaganda?”

Tucker [DOG]: Baths and boots! It was all made up?

Jasper [DOG]: Yup. And we fell for it.

Athena [CAT]: But it felt so real to me. We’re supposed to tease and torture each other. That’s why I held your ball for ransom, Tucker. I’m sorry.

Lilah [DOG]: And why I kept poking my nose in your butt. Forgive me?

Elsa Clair [CAT]: I guess I shouldn’t have blocked the stairs so you couldn’t walk past me, Jasper. I thought it was funny but… I guess not, huh?

Tucker [DOG]:  And, uh, it was probably wrong for me to keep eating your favorite toys. At least I puked them back out! That should count for something.

Elsa Clair [CAT]: Blechh! So many pink mousies gone…

Tucker [DOG]:  Sorry? I won’t do it again?

Athena [CAT]: So dogs versus cats is all a hoax. I feel so misled. I need to bite something.

Lilah [DOG]: We don’t have to stand for this. We don’t have to be tools of the Russian oligarchy.

Elsa Clair [CAT]: We don’t have to be Putin’s paws!

Calvin [CAT]: It doesn’t have to be that way! It doesn’t have to be dogs versus cats. We can be dogs AND cats!

Lilah [DOG]: I bet we’re more alike than different. I bet we can find things that we can all agree on.

Elsa Clair [CAT]: Yeah. Like what?

Tucker [DOG]:  …

Calvin [CAT]: …

Dawn [CAT]: …

Jasper [DOG]:  Squirrels! We all want to chase ’em!

Athena [CAT]: We like laps.

Jasper [DOG]: And pets.

Elsa Clair [CAT]: And chin scratchies.

Calvin [CAT]: And chicken!

Tucker [DOG]: And belly rubs!

Lilah [DOG]: [Looks at cat’s horrified faces.] Well, maybe not belly rubs.

Calvin [CAT]: Still. We have a lot in common.

Lilah [DOG]: We’re all pets. We’re family!

Dawn [CAT]: Best way to tick off the Russians? Show ’em how wrong they are!

Tucker [DOG]: They can’t make us hate each other.

Athena [CAT]: We’ll work together.

Jasper [DOG]: Snacks for everyone!

Tucker [DOG]: United we find treats!

Dawn [CAT]: All paw one and one paw all!


I think I’m in trouble.


We're better together, right?

We’re better together, right?

What would your pets do if they banded together?

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  1. Ann Staub says:

    Ha! This has been driving me absolutely insane lately. The amount of people I see on my feed posting obviously fake/misleading stories from wonky websites is just crazy. Some people will believe anything. I usually just bite my tongue… hard. Not worth arguing over since most of them would rather believe a story about flu vaccinations from a website with 500 pop ads than listen to me anyways. Thanks for a laugh on something that has now become my biggest pet peeve!

  2. Well, we’re okay with Dogs and Cats…as long as the dogs remember that us cats are superior. 😉

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