I Live with Four Cats But You Won’t See Them Because They’re Hiding

If you came to my home, you might not believe I live with four cats. Usually, you’ll only see Athena, who greets visitors along with Lilah, Jasper and Tucker.

Athena looking out the kitchen doors at the dogs

I’d let you in, but I don’t have thumbs.

Dawn is more than likely camped out in my son’s room, only to appear at meal times. Elsa Clair can’t be bothered to come downstairs. She doesn’t think people are worth the effort anyway. Unless there’s food involved. Maybe.

You definitely won’t see Calvin.

A very relaxed Most Interesting Cat

A relaxed Most Interesting Cat appears only if nobody’s around, or if the people in the house are on the Calvin Approved List.

The minute the alarm is sounded (that would be three dogs barking madly), Calvin runs for the nearest hidey place, disappearing until:

  • The all-clear signal is given (False alarm: the dogs go back to sleep.) or,
  • The new person is quietly settled in one place, and it’s possible to creep up and perform an unseen sneaky sniff to determine if she is friend or foe, or
  • All non-essential personnel have left.

Calvin (and the other fraidy cats) have Safe Spots around the house, for fast escapes. They include:

  • Under our bed
  • In the basement under the couch
  • Under the family room sofa
  • Behind the computer wires in my office
Calvin cat hiding

You can’t see the cat, can you?

Sometimes Calvin miscalculates and doesn’t have time to get to a Safe Spot. Once, he thought he might have been asleep when the all-clear signal was given and left his refuge prematurely; he can be pretty creative in improvised hiding under pressure.

Cat hides behind canisters on top of cabinet

Sugar, rice, barley, flour, cat

But when everything works as planned, Calvin makes it to the appropriate hideout in time, and emerges at the right moment, after a peaceful nap.

Calvin coming out from under the couch with Jasper's help

Jasper confirms that the All Clear signal has been given.

Calvin cat comes out from under the couch, with Jasper's help

It’s important to inspect Calvin as well.

Calvin coming out from under the couch with Jasper's help

Calvin stretches after being a bit scrunched in the dark. Excitement over, Tucker heads for the nearest couch.

If you visit my house often enough, you may be one of the lucky few who get on the Calvin Approved List. Then he’ll only hide for a moment until his sources confirm that you’re on the list. Then you may just catch a glimpse of my elusive cat Calvin.

How do your pets react to new people in your home?

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19 Comments on "I Live with Four Cats But You Won’t See Them Because They’re Hiding"

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  1. easy rider says:

    sugar, rice, barley, flour, cat – brilliant…. you made my day lol

  2. we are all over the place – most of us will run and hide but Mozart usually stays out to great people. Once we have the “newbie” figured out though, we will at least make an appearance (except for Junior, who is the mysterious orange cat no one ever sees)

  3. Of my three cats, Miss Gitty would let visitors admire her royal beauty but not touch her until they have been observed and deemed worthy. Opie was her son and he loved everyone. My Amos was a solid black Manx and unless you were a regular visitor, he never made an appearance. #TrustIssues

  4. Emma says:

    We have two cats, in the past there were three and four, but two is plenty in my dog opinion. Cat bro Bert is like a dog, the doorbell rings he runs to the door. People come over, he hangs out with them. Kitty sis Sophie is the opposite and is always in hiding unless she knows the people. Cats are odd I think.

    • Cat bro Bert is so funny. He sounds like my Athena. She’s right there with the dogs, greeting visitors. Sophie is more like Calvin I think. And yes, cats are odd; it’s one of the things we love about them. 😉

  5. Kendra says:

    I live with two cats and two dogs. My house functions the same as yours, you would never have guessed that there are two cats in my house because they are constantly in hiding. Unfortunately the cats and dogs are not the best of friends, that is why the cats would rather hide incognito.

  6. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    my stars; in my 13 years…why I can count on one paw….ONE…the number of people I have allowed ta gaze upon my catness……so calvin, I totally understand ….indeed…hugs from dai$y ♥♥♥

  7. Robin says:

    My Cinco is just like your Calvin! He never comes out for anyone except me and my husband. He can hear people coming from a mile away. Manna on the other hand would probably nuzzle up to someone who was trying to rob my apartment. She loves everyone.

    • That’s the funny thing about cats, which I didn’t know before I lived with them. Athena is in everybody’s business, but Calvin and Dawn are quite happy hiding under the bed until the “stranger” leaves. Elsa Clair is just too busy to bother with new people. Unless they bring food. Then she’ll consider fitting a visit into her agenda.

  8. When the door bell rings, we usually go running too. Though I’m the brave one in the group and will eventually come out to see who’s there. ~Wally

    • Good for you Wally! Calvin is a hider, for sure. Athena is just way too nosy; she must know who came to visit and if they will appreciate her feline beauty and worship her the way she expects.

  9. Some cats are just like that aren’t they? Mine weren’t, but sister had one who was terrified of other people.

  10. Jim says:

    Aw such cute cats! Love your post.

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