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It’s Snow Time!

Winter has only just begun, yet we’ve had two snowstorms already. Like most dogs, my three love the snow. I don’t know what it is about the cold flaky stuff that makes Lilah, Jasper and Tucker, well, flaky.

Dogs who normally can’t stand getting wet (that’s you, Jasper and Tucker) romp around in the snow like it’s the Best Thing Ever. A Gift From the Sky. And you can Eat It, too! Just an inch of white on the ground and my dogs turn into goofy puppies.

And I love it. I turn in to a kid as well, watching my four-legged friends romp and jump and pounce and bound. Sometimes I just run around in the snow with them. And then we all come piling back in the warm house, happy and tired–and wet.

Eventually, it all melts. And we’re back to plain hard frozen ground–or worse yet, nasty thick mud that sticks to dog paws like Velcro. Until the next snow storm blankets our yard and we get to go out and do it again.

The first storm of the season came in the fall–November 7. This year, The Weather Channel started naming winter storms, and this one was christened Athena.  I’m sure our Athena felt she finally got her due.

“Wait! What? A snowstorm named after me? Of course. As it should be.”
Tucker, Lilah and Jasper run through the snow as the storm just gets started.
Too much snow on your back and you have to Floppity it off.
By nighttime, we had more than six inches. The heavy wet snow covered everything with a soft white blanket, including our patio.
And the snow kept falling…

The next morning, a walk through the woods revealed nature’s beauty at every turn. The heavy snow bent branches and trees already stressed from Hurricane Sandy’s wrath a little over a week before, creating a new landscape–and in some cases breaking limbs that couldn’t bear the weight.

Morning sun shines through the trees after Snowstorm Athena.
The wind blew snow against one side of the trees, streaking them with white.
The jagged jumble of fallen limbs was softened by the covering of snow.
I wasn’t the only one walking in the woods after the storm. A deer had come through earlier.
Heading back toward the gate and my home. Leaves were still on some of the trees.
The front yard offered up its own beauty.
And in the back yard, the dogs explored their territory..

The second storm, Snowstorm Freyr, came just a few days ago. It was colder, and the snow was dryer. Only three inches fell, but that was enough for doggy fun and games.

With snow still falling, the dogs are ready to romp.
Ooh! A sniff under the snow.  All Noses report to duty.

Once the dogs get started, they play in all combinations.

Three dogs chasing each other. (That’s Jasper’s head in the corner.)
Jasper and Lilah
Tucker and Lilah
Jasper and Tucker
Tucker and his Ball. Doesn’t matter how frozen or snow covered it is, we eventually have to Play Ball.

There are a few quiet moments, usually with one dog sitting it out while two others run around. It’s at those moments that I like to try and capture a few Snow Portraits.

Lilah, with a snowy snout. I love how the snow decorates her fur like fine sugar.
Jasper, always looking regal, even as his fur is coated with snow.
Tucker, showing off his Snow Beard, acquired from digging in drifts.

And every once in a while, I capture something that just makes me smile. In the picture below, it wasn’t until after I enlarged it on my laptop that I saw Tucker reflected in Jasper’s eye. Cool.

Through a dog’s eye’s: Tucker reflected in Jasper’s eye.

All of our cats are indoor kitties, though it doesn’t stop them from watching us and wishing they could join in the fun. Though I would hazard a guess that one step into cold wet snow would have them turning around in a whisker’s instant and heading back into a warm dry house.

Calvin, Elsa Clair and a partly obscured Athena peer out the window at us.

Once we head inside, we all play the Treats for the Feets game, where each dog gets a treat for getting his or her feet wiped. This also involves toweling off and removing snow clumps from furry paws. Of course all this activity requires Supervision by at least one of the cats.

Tucker and Lilah waiting for their Feets to be dried. Elsa Clair Supervises.
What IS this stuff? Calvin ponders snow brought inside and shaken off the dogs’ fur.

The Winter Games have just begun, and we’re looking forward to the season.

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