Greetings from Dogs and Cats: What it’s like to come home to a houseful of pets

Earlier in the month, I joined about 350 talented, funny and encouraging writers at the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop in Dayton, Ohio.

About two weeks later, I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri for BlogPaws, a pet blogging conference, where I hung out with cat ladies and dog dads, as well as dogs and cats and puppies and kittens, and everyone in between. 

And this past weekend, I went home again for my 40th high school reunion, along with about a third of my classmates, some of whom I recognized, and some that I never knew. (The Abington High School class of ’78 included nearly 900 students, so it was pretty impossible to know everyone.)

Each time I came back, I was greeted by the welcoming committee, which included a crowd, a parade, and a song by Jasper. See below.

What it's like when my I come. The welcome committee of dogs and cats greets me at the door with howls and songs and kisses and love.

The dogs and cats miss me when I’m gone, at least that’s what the humans report. They mope (especially Jasper), they look out windows (especially Jasper) and they lay by doors (always Jasper), waiting for the moment when I walk in the door. 

Once I’m inside and the celebration is over, we move on to the suitcase inspection. This is particularly intense when we come back from pet-centered trips, like BlogPaws. My suitcase is stuffed with swag, and everyone “nose” it. In order to avoid tension and confrontation, the first things I unpack are the edibles, storing them out of reach from curious canines and felines. Of course that doesn’t stop some of my gang from spelunking in my bags, in case I missed something tasty.

Like Calvin:

My cat Calvin is sure I brought him something home from BlogPaws, a conference for pet bloggers. He's nose deep in my suitcase, looking for kitty treats and other swag.

Then we get back into our daily routines of dinner and playtime and walks and naps and such. 

But I think because of all the travel I’ve done recently, my animal posse is a little bit unnerved. Every time I walk out the door to get the mail, or to the oral surgeon for next stop in my dental implant journey (that’s a whole ‘nother story) or head to Whole Foods to lighten my wallet, they think I’m going away forever again. So I get the same intense greeting every time I walk in the door (though after the oral surgeon, there was apparently a need to sniff my mouth and let me know now that something’s awry.)

And my even my independent Elsa Clair, who expects me to join her in my office, but spends most of her time in her Sleepypod on my desk, feels my absence. When I returned from BlogPaws and got back to work, she actually chose to sit in my lap instead of her curled up in her ‘pod. 

My cat Elsa Clair loves her Sleepypod. But when I come home after several days away, she wants to be closer to me, and has a hard time choosing between her favorite place to sleep and my lap.

It’s nice to be loved.

How do your pets welcome you?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    guyz…..grate mooveez bye everee one tho we cracked UP on moovee one, bout de 137 marker; we couldna tell if thatz ewe calvin ore ewe else clair on de counterz….lickin yur chopz…

    momz home….letz eat !! 🙂 ♥♥

    when de food servizz gurl comez home frum werk eye hafta run ta me
    scratcherz N dig……why….coz eye can… eye guezz !!!

    tuna of moon ~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  2. zooperson says:

    Whether I have been gone for 45 minutes or all day, the greeting is the same. “Oh, thank god, you came back. We were so worried you’d gone for good.” Screech, jump, bark, zoom around the room. Yes, it is good to be loved.

    • So true. Sounds like you have a wonderful group there. (I am a particular fan of zoomies.) I usually get the same greeting, even with a trip to the mailbox. But I think this time, having left the gang one too many times, they are especially aware of my absence and have turned the greeting up to 11. I don’t mind a bit. As you said, it’s good to be loved. <3

  3. We’d choose the lap too!

  4. We know they missed you…..

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