Story: Dogs + Snow = Fun. Repeat.

We’re living in the middle of Dagwood style snowfall sandwich. It started with a layer of snow, then Mother Nature slathered on some more, and then even more–and then poured some freezing rain on top. And that was just for starters. On top of that, she threw nearly a foot of additional snow. And she’s not done yet.

Here in New Jersey, we’re used to snow. We’re prepared. We all  have shovels and snow blowers  and snow tires. We carry sand or kitty litter in our trunks for added traction in really icy conditions.

But here it is March and it’s snowing again. The calendar says spring is around the corner. I think it’s hiding and laughing at us.

The dogs have learned to accept a reality that doesn’t include grass–one that is covered in white and pitted with snowy potholes. At least it’s better than the frozen solid landscape of a few weeks ago. But still.

For those of you who don’t get to experience a snowstorm, I’d like to share the experience with you, in pictures. For those of you who live in colder climates, this should all look familiar.

All these pictures were taken during and after the major snowstorm that swept through our area recently, dumping about eleven inches and doubling our combined accumulation.

The storm itself was pretty intense. At times, the snow accumulated at about two inches an hour, with winds blowing the stuff into large drifts.

The dogs usually love playing during a snowstorm. I think this was a bit much for them this time, as the snow accumulated right on top of them.

Snow covered dogs

“Lilah, you’re turning white!”

It was come down so fast that no matter how often the dogs shook it off, seconds later they were coated in a layer of white.

Snowy dog

Yes I took a camera out in this weather. Protected inside two ziplock bags.

The snow was piling up fast and it was starting to be a challenge to run through. Sinkholes and dips–from when dogs or humans had sunk through the ice layer–were covered over. So one wrong step and a dog could disappear. Like Lilah did in the photo series below.

Going, going gone. A dog disappears in the snow.

Going, going, gone. Lilah disappears under the snow.

That little dive barely slowed her down, though; Lilah kept right on plowing through the deep drifts.

The snow blew everywhere, covering up our tracks as we walked. See that door in the background of the picture below? We had walked out of it minutes before.

Dogs and snow drifts

“Let’s go inside before we get buried in this stuff.”

Yes, it was that intense.

Unlike humans, you can’t offer dogs a cup of hot chocolate milk to warm up after playing in the snow. But you can offer them warm towels fresh from the dryer.

Two dogs dry off after being out in the snow.

The warm towels sure feel good. Thanks Mom!


Jasper dries off after coming in from the snowstorm.

“Ok, I’m dried off now. Can we go back outside?”

The next morning, after the storm was over, we traipsed outside. The snow was beautiful and very deep.

Dog tries to walk through deep snow

Tucker encounters a buried snow sinkhole and almost winds up face first in the snow.

Jasper’s long legs do him quite well in the snow. He can bound through it.

Dog runs through deep snow

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Jasper loves bounding through the snow, but it can get tiring.


Shorter Lilah has to leap much higher than Jasper. But nothing stops her.

Black dog runs through snow.

Lilah’s leaps through the snow leave tell-tale bounce prints.

What it looks like after a dog bounds through the snow

Lilah has bounced her way through here.


No matter whether one leaps or plows through the snow, it can be exhausting. The only way for me to get through it was to wear snowshoes; they spread out your weight so you don’t sink all the way down in the snow. Wearing snowshoes, I’d sink about four to six inches.

As I walked, I heard some collar jingling behind me. I turned around and found Jasper and Lilah staying close on my heels. It’s much easier to follow in someone else’s tracks.

The dogs follow close behind me because it's easier to walk in my footprints.

“We’re right behind you, Mom.”

Tucker joined the a few moments later.

Three dogs lined up in a snow path.

“Could you move a little faster? We’re getting backed up here.”

Once a path is made, a dog can actually run through it.

It's much easier to run when there's already a path through the snow.

There’s something to be said for the road more traveled.

Inspired to help out my furry family, I made a path through the snow for them. Because I felt like being creative, I made a huge spiral with a tamped-down space in the center.

With my snowshoes, I made a path...a spiral.

Ever get that feeling you’re going around in circles?

The dogs could follow the spiral path or plow their way through the deep snow. At least they had choices.

Even with some of the challenges, snow is lots of fun. One of the best things to do is to stick your entire face in it. Because. Snow.

There's something about snow that makes you want to stick your entire face in it.

I always wonder why they don’t get giant chunks of snow stuck in their nostrils.

And if one dog puts his nose in the snow, the others have to, too. Because there might be a Very Good Sniff and you wouldn’t want to be the one dog that missed out on it.

The dogs still found ways to play. Though it might have been hard to actually see a play bow when a dog is sunk chest-deep in the white stuff.

Dogs play in deep snow.

And lest anyone think that the dogs got tired of the snow, here’s proof that they still enjoy it: even with a clean path on our deck, the pups still chose to climb on the snow pile.

Even when the snow is cleared, the dogs still like to play on it.

“C’mon Tucker. Let’s play dog of the hill.”

They love the snow. Just ask Lilah if she wants to stay and play some more.

 Summer is too hot for a black dog. I think that's why Lilah loves snow.

Summer is too hot for a black dog. I think that’s why Lilah loves snow.

When the snow finally melts–and it will, because no matter how unreal it feels, spring and summer follow winter–the giant snow pile on our deck will be nothing more than a memory.

Dogs sit in front of a tall pile of snow on our deck.

Doggy snow portrait: LIlah, Tucker and Jasper.

Until next year.

Is anyone else ready for Spring? Or are you already enjoying lovely weather?

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  1. I can’t even wrap my brain around that much snow. Spring, it will get there.

    • We’re having our own issues trying to grasp the amount of snow we had. However, our snowfall totals are meager compared to some places in Michigan where they’ve had about six feet of snow. Six feet. I should count my blessings. And yes, spring will come.

  2. Jen says:

    What great pictures!
    The only thing that is getting me through this winter is the fact that the dogs love the snow!

  3. Sue says:

    Fabulous snow dog photos! We have a little snow, but lots of ice 🙁 No fun at all.

  4. Flea says:

    Your photos are beautiful! I love all the snow! We only got a couple of inches yesterday. It will be gone by Wednesday. And I’ll miss it. Thanks for sharing the dogs’ snow fun!

  5. Wow… we’ve never seen that much snow before! I don’t think the cats would like it, but I’d like to see it just once! We hope it melts for you soon so you can enjoy spring!

  6. That is an incredible amount of snowfall! Bentley my basset would be sunk and Pierre the white Westie granddog would completely disappear in all of that snow! I’d still love a chance to actually experience it once!

    • My next-door neighbor has a tiny shih tzu. They have to shovel a path for the little guy to walk around. Then when the snow freezes, he can walk on top without sinking. It is kind of comical. 🙂

  7. slimdoggy says:

    Man that’s a lot of snow. We got some this weekend far, far away on the top of the mountains…

  8. We have nominated you for the Field of Flowers Award – you can view our post as well as the other nominees here:

  9. Dawn says:

    Agreed that Lilah and Pierson look a lot alike. For a moment, I thought that was a photo of him running through the snow. Too cute! They are all cute. I don’t care much for having to deal with snow, but I love watching the dogs play in it.

    • Thanks. I thought they looked a lot alike. It’s not just their bodies, there’s also something in their expressions I think. Dogs can bring joy to the dreary, can’t they? I love watching my pups play in the snow.

  10. Dryer towels. Going to have to remember that. So ready for spring! The dogs came home yesterday caked with mud.

    • I throw the towels in the dryer before we go outside (we have special “dog towels”–ones that are a bit ratty and have seen better days.) Then, when they come in, the warm towels help melt the snow. The added benefit is I get warmed up too as I dry them off. ;-D

  11. Hey Guys

    I’ll take a little bit of your snow, I’ve never been lucky enough to even sample a smidgin!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  12. Thanks for visiting my travel blog, 1camera1mom! I enjoyed your story with the pictures. We own one dog and two cats. We live in South Africa and my youngest child, who just turned 6 on Friday, doesn’t know what snow feels like. She can’t wait for the snow to reach the mountains in June/July and reminded us again today that it’s almost winter time even though she was in the pool only moments before. Hopefully, we’ll be able to drive her to see some snow this winter. You guys will be having summer!

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