Playin’ Pool: dogs cooling off

The weather is changing. I need a jacket–or at least closed-toe shoes–when I take the dogs out at night for their last potty break and yard inspection. During the day, the warmth of the sun feels good–not horrid like it can be in midsummer. To those who wear fur coats, though, it can still be plenty hot.

This summer, as in previous years, I’ve tried to get my dogs to enjoy a cool dip in the pool. And by dogs I mean Jasper and Tucker.

Lilah–she of the ebony fur–loves to splash around in the pool, sticking her snout in the water and blowing bubbles.

But the boys do not like getting their paws–let alone their fur–wet.

After a rainstorm or in the morning when the grass is moistened with dew, Jasper will stay on the deck or on the slates in the shade garden, and venture out into the terror of the wet toes only when he really has to go.

Tucker is a little better; he’s so busy chasing things that he doesn’t notice wet paws. Take him out in the rain, however, and he looks like a kid who’s been told the only way he can have a double fudge sundae for dessert is if he eats his brussels sprouts.

But with a little patience, some help from a brother and a sister, and a handful of tasty treats, I managed to get Jasper and Tucker into the kiddie puppy pool. Grudgingly.

Usually Lilah–and sometimes Jasper–watch me fill up the pool.

Lilah and Jasper watching the pool fill up.

The water looks awesome!

At first, the dogs lean over the edge and drink from the giant water bowl. That’s why I use a hose that’s safe for humans to drink from–and why I never leave the hose out in the sun.

Lilah, a Border Collie mix,  and Jasper, a catahoula hound mix, drink from the giant water bowl.

Tastes good, too.

Lilah is not a fan of the hose, so she waits until I take it out of the pool to jump in. She circles the pool with her face full in, and lifts it up, dripping and smiling. I can only imagine how cool and refreshing that pool must feel when the sun is baking her long dark fur.

Lilah, a Border Collie mix, takes a dip--or drip--in the pool.

Nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool.

She takes a moment to look around. Maybe her brothers will join her?

Lilah, a Border Collie mix, takes a break from blowing bubbles in the pool to survey the area.

C’mon in, boys! The water is great!

Lilah doesn’t stay long in the pool–just enough to cool off. Now it’s Jasper’s turn. Lilah stays around to encourage him.

Lilah, a Border Collie mix, encourages Jasper, a catahoula hound mix, to enjoy the pool.

Halfway there, Jasper. Two more paws!

Once Jasper is in, Lilah leaves, her mission accomplished.

Tucker approaches the giant water bowl cautiously. You never know about water; it might suddenly jump out of the pool and wet his paws.

Jasper, with all four feet in the pool, watches Tucker drink.

It’s not too bad, Tucker. Mom gives you treats.

All this time, I’ve been giving Jasper treats, having him walk around the pool; I think he’s beginning to realize that the water won’t burn his toes off.

Tucker, on the other paw, isn’t convinced.

But there are treats.

But there’s water.

Finally, Tucker puts one paw in. Treat. Treat. Treat.

Then another. Treat. Treat. Treat.

Eventually, the whole dog is standing in the water.

But only on three legs.

Somehow that makes it better; as long as all four paws aren’t in the water, according to Tucker’s Law, he’s not really in the water.

Two very reluctant and only slightly wet dogs.

Can we get out now?

The look on Tucker’s face is priceless. Poor dog. How I torture him.

What do your pets think of water?

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17 Comments on "Playin’ Pool: dogs cooling off"

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  1. slimdoggy says:

    Poor Tucker. This summer both Jack and Maggie learned to swim (well Jack sort of learned) so for Labs that was a big accomplishment.

  2. Awe Poor Tucker! We are water dogs all the way!

  3. Hi Y’all!

    Being a retriever, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t LOVE water and swimming?

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Emma says:

    Katie only drinks the water or puts a paw in, but Bailie and I love water and swimming. We get right in and get soaked.

  5. Looks like a pool party 🙂

  6. Brian Frum says:

    Great photos! Because we are cats I can say with confidence…furgetabouit!

  7. Mr. N will wade but he doesn’t really like swimming because he gets too cold.

  8. Cute pics! Rita has a love/hate relationship with water. Loves to dunk, hates to swim/be sprayed/be bathed! It is SO freaking hot here right now in So Cal (Sept is always our hottest month) that we’ve thought about getting her a kiddy pool. I think she might like it – unlike Tucker, she loves to have wet feet. But I usually let her come and go in and out of hte house – if there’s a pool in the yard, I’d have to have more control over her comings/goings!

  9. LP says:

    You are all a very cute bunch of mischief makers! We have a feeling your are forgiven for every possible demerit! 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. We’re not fond of getting wet at all!

  11. Harley can relate to Tucker believe me. He’s nothing like Leo when it comes to the water!

  12. Hey Tucker

    I get it buddy! I’ll go into water, but I won’t go past belly depth! No Way, I like to have my feet on the bottom, I’m not a swimmer!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  13. Dawn says:

    Yay, you all got in! I have no trouble convincing Maya to get in the pool. Pierson, on the other hand, takes a little coaxing. It’s funny because if they are both outside the pool playing and Pierson gets a little too rough, Maya jumps into the safety of the puppy pool so he won’t follow.

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