Dogs Playing Pool

Teaching my dogs to enjoy — or at least tolerate — the water

In the dewy morning, our Jasper will stand on the deck looking down at the grass. It presents a great puzzlement: how to go potty without getting his feet wet.

Tucker will run through the wet grass, in pursuit of whatever small animal or bird presents a chaseable opportunity. Then he’ll realize his paws are moist.

Neither dog likes getting any part of his body wet.

Lilah nose the pool is fun

Lilah thinks the boys are ridiculous drama queens. In summer’s heat, you’ll find her splashing through the kiddie pool I set out. She’ll prance around in a circle — always counter clockwise, I’ve noticed — sticking her snout under the water and blowing bubbles through her nose.

Teaching my dogs to enjoy the water

Every year, I attempt to get Jasper and Tucker to try the pool. Just walking in it the way Lilah does can help cool off a hot dog. Plus, conquering a fear or a dislike can instill confidence in a dog.

And maybe it would make it easier for me to wipe paws during Mud Season.

Last year, Jasper made progress once he figured out that he gets treats for standing in the pool. For Tucker, it’s rarely worth it. He proved the point when his beloved ball landed in the pool. (I didn’t do it on purpose. Really. Though I did grab a camera once I realized what happened. I thought the video of the dog trying to retrieve the ball without getting his feet wet was hilarious. Tucker, not so much.)

Jasper in the pool

Jasper’s rule; if only three paws are all the way in the water, you’re not really in the pool.

Playing pool

This summer, as usual, Lilah jumped right in.

Lilah dripping after dipping her snout in the pool

Lilah’s drippy face. She loves blowing bubbles.

Jasper didn’t seem to mind. I’m guessing he remembered the treats from last year.

Jasper enjoying the pool

I think he might even like it. Plus, there are treats.

He even stayed in the pool long enough for me to take a photo. Progress!

Jasper in the pool, with Tucker and Lilah nearby

I think Lilah was proud of Jasper.

The bravery of his brother must have inspired Tucker. Or maybe it was peer pressure, seeing Jasper and Lilah in the pool. Or perhaps he wanted some of the treats they were getting.

Because this happened.

Tucker, Jasper and Lilah in the pool

Three dogs in a tub…er…pool.

Immediately followed by this.

Tucker makes a quick escape

Done? I’m outta here.

It took all summer, but I finally got all 3 dogs in the kiddie pool. Just in time for fall.

Have you helped your pets learn to do something new that they were nervous about at first?

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12 Comments on "Dogs Playing Pool"

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  1. easy rider says:

    I’m with you Tucker… that bowl is too big to get a drink… I wait till my pool is filled with champagne…I’ve read it can be extra DRY, so I can’t get wet :o)

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    hay ewe dawgs…..have ewe guys ever hurd oh poker playin dawgs !!!
    purrrhaps now that summerz over… yur mom will teech everee one …poker…..then, her can capsure it on film like C. M. Coolidge 🙂


  3. Earl Lover says:

    This is even funner than actual pool!

  4. Love the ‘3 dogs in the tub’ photo. Brave pups for getting in there! Must have been the peer pressure. 🙂 That Jasper is so cute. The video of him trying to get the ball is too funny. Rita hates waves but loves to dunk in the water. I think she would love a kiddie pool. But it would be kind of a pain… I normally leave our doors standing wide open and she comes and goes from yard to house. If there was a pool out there, I’d have to monitor her comings and goings! Or I’d have to dump it/refill it all the time – which isn’t a great idea with our drought here. Poor Rita will continue to go pool-less for a while.

  5. And here we fawt all doggies liked da water. MOL Gweat fotos and ConCats on gettin’ ’em all wet. Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Emma says:

    We’ve conquered different fears. Some dogs just don’t like being wet, like my sister Katie. She isn’t afraid, she simply doesn’t like swimming.

  7. Mr. N hates getting wet but lately he will wade with Sage every once in a while. Sage will go into the water with her stick because she knows Mr. N won’t follow her in but… now he ducks into the water just long enough to steal it and then goes back onto land.

  8. We were just about to say you need a bigger pool, but then we saw the last picture and we guess Tucker, Lilah and Jasper don’t mind the small pool. 🙂

  9. Kitties Blue says:

    Mom says that she thought all dogs loved water and to go swimming. Guess not. It will be interesting to see how they respond when you bring the pool out again next summer. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. There is always next year! Mom has tried all of those tricks with me as I am the one that doesn’t want to get my feet wet either. She found out Taffy doesn’t mind it at all and has her fetching the ball in to the water at the dog beach while I stand on the shore and watch. Just to make me mad mom goes and stands out in the water which I don’t like because she is too far away from me. I actually got all four feet in the water at one time. She thinks I’ll go out further next year. We’ll see. Love Dolly

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