Dogs and Cats: Inside / Outside

It’s the same routine every morning. First thing after I come downstairs, I take the dogs out in the back yard. We don’t spend much time out there–just enough for them to attend to business–because all the dogs know I feed them after we come back inside.

Apparently, the cats have figured this out as well.

In our laundry room, just to the side of the back door, is a cabinet and counter. A great place to fold clothes, and a perfect place to perch and peer out the door to check on dog and human whereabouts.

Which is why, when I’m out with the dogs, I’ll look up and see a cat (usually Elsa Clair or Calvin) leaning over from the counter, paws on the window of the back door, demanding my return and the serving of breakfast.

Dog waiting by door, with cat looking down

Tucker wants Elsa Clair to open the door…and vice versa.

Calvin the cat would like me to come inside and feed him dinner

Calvin: Jasper won’t open the door; how ’bout you, Mom?


I am so glad dogs and cats do not come equipped with thumbs. At least I have some control over the comings and goings in my house.

Do you pets know your mealtimes or routines? What are some of the things they do in anticipation?

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  1. Amy says:

    What a crazy world we would live in if dogs and cats had thumbs… They’d pretty much be unstoppable. He heheh.

    Pets have the great ability to settle into a routine. This makes morning rituals easier. The only bad thing is if you deviate from the routine, they sure do let you know about it, hey?

  2. Bentley definitely has his eating routine down to a fine art. Of course, he is certain that starvation sets in approximately ten minutes after he demands his meal! I love that the cats are in on your munching mischief!

  3. Kelsie says:

    We have a very similar routine at our house. The dogs go out to do their business while I get their food bowls ready. Sometimes, I’ll decide I want to brush my teeth really quickly and I’ll find them standing at the back door staring at me. How dare I make them wait!

  4. Or maybe your cats will learn how to open doors. Like this one.

  5. Flea says:

    I think the pets know ALL our routines. 😉

  6. Misaki says:

    If only I had thumbs…

  7. Oh, they definitely know their meal times. And they don’t waste a second reminding us if we are running late. 🙂 Cute photos of the kitties in the door windows!

  8. Oh us cats are like clocks…we know exactly when it’s time for the mom to get up…and feed us…and when it’s time for her to come home from work.

  9. Jen K says:

    In our house, a similar story: meal time happens in the evening after the dogs have been walked, so as soon as we get back, everyone knows – both cats included – and is impatient for meal time.

  10. Ann Staub says:

    Ha! Well Shiner will just follow me around and stare at me lol.

  11. Stacey says:

    Dinner time here is 6Pm and every day at 5:45 the pacing and whining commences. Prince is always petrified that I will forget about him at meal time. Like I could forget about the big drooling whiner that is following me around!

  12. Sue says:

    Such cute photos!

  13. Hi Susan

    I’m pretty patient, but if I’m hungry I’m good at ‘the stare’ – I follow Mum around doing ‘the stare’ until she finally realizes I need something and usually guesses it’s my food – phew! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  14. Ruby says:

    Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting my bloggie! I can’t believe your Pops had an Airedale named Ruby! (FABulous name BTW!)
    I would loves to live on a farm ~ so many smells and critters to chase. The only critters I have here are tree rats and the occasional raccoon and possum, butts a doggie likes a little variety, ya know? BOL
    Anyhu, if I had thumbs I would be so much interested in the door, I would head straight for the treatie jar! Just sayin’…
    FABulous to meet you!
    Ruby ♥

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