Can’t Stop the Rain (#Video): My dog doesn’t like to get wet

Does Tucker go out in the rain?

Does he or doesn’t he?


It’s been such a dry summer and fall that my dogs have nearly forgotten what it’s like to be outside in the rain.

The set up:

I have three dogs:

Lilah: a smart and pretty long-haired mutt with obvious Border Collie heritage

Jasper: a large gangly, goofy couch-potato hound of unknown origin

Tucker: a full-bore, out-and-out, don’t-stop-me, no-off-button terrier mix

The question:

Which one was the princess who wouldn’t go outside in the rain without an umbrella?

Some hints:

You may find some clues in previous posts:

The answer:

You’ll find the answer in the video below.

What do your pets think about rain or getting wet?

8 Comments on "Can’t Stop the Rain (#Video): My dog doesn’t like to get wet"

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  1. Jan says:

    Timmy says he can wait til spring to pee

  2. My niece’s dog hates the rain. He’ll go so far as to not drink so he won’t have to go out.

  3. Ruby says:

    BOL!!!! OMD, Tucker, nows I absolutely KNOWS we are cousins! I hates gettin’ any part of me wet! Not my feets, not my furs, nothin’! (wells, I do likes to gets my beard wet so I can gives Ma a beard shower..heheheheeee)
    Nows, I have to admit sometimes I make Ma gets the umbrella, butts we gots so many canopies that I can usually stay dry if I run reeeealy fast.
    Ma still can’t believes her ‘water dog’ doesn’t likes the water….☺
    Ruby ♥

    • Ruby I think you’re right! Tucker is exactly the same. He even hates when I towel him off — I think because he feels the wet even more. You would think that terriers like you and Tucker would be okay with a little wetness, but I guess not. You must be “brothers from a different mother.”

  4. My dogs don’t mibd a light rain but the very heavy rains we have had this week have resulted in them turning around mid-walk for home.

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