Bathus Interruptus

When bathing, cats twist and bend themselves into some amazing — one might even say awkward — positions. Positions that nearly destroy the myth of feline elegance.

For example, look at normally dignified and refined kitties Athena and Dawn.

Athena takes a bath

Athena reaches every part.

Dawn caught in mid bath.

Dawn is not happy to be caught mid-bath.

The funniest moments — and probably most embarrassing to feline sensibilities — are when a cat is deep in the grooming groove, attending to furs that must be arranged just so, when… BIRD!

Their brains switch from graceful groomer to hyper-focused hunter in nanoseconds. The result is a cat frozen in a bizarre position while mesmerized by a chirping sparrow.

Elsa Clair was in the middle of a lovely bath when a bird landed on the porch roof just outside her window.

Elsa Clair was in the middle of a lovely bath when a bird landed on the porch roof just outside her window.

I happened to catch Elsa Clair get distracted while working a particularly intricate area of her body. The result is the amusing 12 video below.

What’s the funniest position you’ve ever caught your pet in?

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5 Comments on "Bathus Interruptus"

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  1. Peyton says:

    I am glad someone posted about this. I have never understood how my cats could reach certain parts of their body.

  2. Ruby says:

    OMD, that is sooooo funny!!! LOVES IT! Oh, and the title of the postie, I thoughts I was gonna see kittehs in the bathtub…hehehehe
    Hey, if I gots to do it….
    Ruby ♥

  3. I’m so taking my cat outside today. It’s gorgeous in the PNW and there are tons of birds around (and even a duck). He’ll be chirping like crazy 🙂

  4. Cats are yoga masters AND mighty hunters at the same time. Amazing, hmm ? Purrs

  5. Kitties Blue says:

    Elsa Clair is so funny in her distraction. Mom can’t remember seeing any of us stop mid-bath to look at something without first composing ourselves. And if it’s happened, we’re not telling. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo

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