A Piece of Cardboard is the Best Cat / Dog Toy Ever

A Boxing Day Story About Box Bits

The other day, I was collecting boxes from around the house to put in recycling. If you live with cats, you know what I’m talking about: a package comes, you take out the item you ordered, and your kitty friend is right next to you saying, “Ooh, a new box! It’s mine!” Order a couple of items and eventually you have extra empty boxes scattered around your home. Soon there are a lot of boxes and it’s time to retire a few to the recycling bin. Then you get more boxes, and the cycle repeats.

One of the boxes designated for removal had a few of those punch-out pieces that inevitably fall out, kind of like subscription cards that slip out of magazines when you pick them up.

“Ooh, a new toy!” said Calvin. “It’s mine!”

Calvin and his new favorite toy: a scrap of cardboard.

Calvin and his new favorite toy: a scrap of cardboard.

This is also familiar. Spend lots of money for a toy, and Whiskers McKittypants wants to play with the packing paper, twist ties, and cardboard bits.

I let Calvin have his fun. Though, as a blogger, I did the only responsible thing: took out my phone to record it.

And then this happened:

A cat and a dog think a piece of cardboard is the best toy

We’ve always said that Lilah was part cat. I guess it’s true.

Poor Calvin. In the few seconds Lilah had it, the bit got a little too slimy and gross to play with.

I’ll guess he’ll have to be happy with the packing paper.

What unintended toys do your pets play with?

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  1. Kind of like little kids, the box is the best!

  2. Boxing Day…a holiday just for cats! And some dogs. 😉

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    Oh yeah, the box is definitely the best part!

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