Haiku By Dog: Whiffs

Haiku by Dog: fine-tuned nostrils catch / whiffs of a chase not taken / a squirrel was here

Today’s haiku is by Lilah.

Dogs don’t just exist in the present; they can sense the past and tell the future. Or, said another way, they can scent the past and smell the future.

Their nosicles sweep in aromas that we can’t begin to detect on our own, and from the molecules that swirl into their noses—in stereo, mind you—they can tell who was here, what they were doing, and where they’ve gone. With the wind in the right direction, they can also discern who’s coming and from which direction.

Magical creatures, dogs. They come with their own superpowers, and don’t even brag about it.

What other super powers do your pets have?

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6 Comments on "Haiku By Dog: Whiffs"

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    lilah bee care full
    de squirrel mite bee in hidin
    coz they iz vizshuz ~~~~~

    😉 ♥♥

  2. jan says:

    With great adorableness comes great responsibility.

  3. We have to admit…dogs have pretty good sniffers.

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