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Haiku by Dog: Neighbors

Haiku by Dog: on the grill next door / chicken and steak; time for a / neighborly visit

Today’s Haiku by Dog is by Lilah.

Lilah nose. A gentle breeze on a summer evening carries a menu of tasty delights. The dog can scents what’s for dinner, at least at the neighbor’s house. Maybe it’s time to wander over and look hungry. And adorable. Cute always works.

All the dogs stay circle like sharks when Brian or my son start grilling, even though there is a “no people food” rule in our home. One can always hope. Maybe one of the chefs will drop something?

Do your pets hang around when you’re cooking?

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5 Comments on "Haiku by Dog: Neighbors"

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  1. Too funny! Hailey is usually underfoot, but Phod stays out of the way.

  2. I just realized I started commenting on this yesterday and then SQUIRREL and I never came back and finished and posted my comment! D’oh. (At least I remembered eventually. The fat hamster still manages to get the wheel up there to spin once in a while…)

    Anyway, as I started to say yesterday… Love the haiku! Your haikus are always the best! Rita is funny about food. She’ll definitely tag along when Daddy’s got something on the grill, but in the kitchen, it’s anybody’s guess whether she’ll come see what’s happening. *Usually* if it’s chicken, beef or cheese-related, she’ll swing by to check things out. Luckily she’s not as bad of a mooch as our beagle was! 🙂

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