Haiku by Dog: Better

Haiku by Dog: I’ll be there for you / when you wear that awful cone / better you than meToday’s haiku is by Lilah.

[Disclaimer: This is not a current photo. As of this writing Tucker has not recently: impaled himself on a stick, licked his paw raw, or ripped a nail off. ]

I cannot count the number of times Tucker has had to wear a cone. I think Jasper had to wear one once. Lilah, never.

But Tucker? For him, I actually have a collection of cones: plastic, cloth, clear, opaque. We also have leggings and several types of boots.

Because terrier.

Tucker lives his life at 11. He’s 54 pounds of tightly packed intensity. Everything he does is extreme. Chasing squirrels. Playing ball. Jumping at the fence because he’s sure he could catch that deer who outweighs him by a factor of three (not to mention those hard appendages called hooves.) And licking, worrying, chewing at any itch, sore, or injury. It can be (and often is) obsessive.

When Tucker interrupts another movie we’re watching on our flatscreen by placing a shlorby ball in my lap, when Tucker barks significantly past notification stage (“Yes, I know the UPS guy is here!”), when Tucker injures himself once more and nobody realizes it until after we’ve come back inside and Lilah starts nosing her brother’s leg, one of my family members will say to me, “You had to get a terrier, didn’t you?”

And I will say, “Yes.”

What wouldn’t you change about your pet, even if it might seem annoying to others?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:


    sorree bout de cone
    been ther done that & noe thanx ~~~~
    hope it comes off soon ~~~~~~ ♥♥

  2. That cone of shame is no fun…I can attest to that. ~Ernie

  3. I’m lucky (knock on wood) that none of my pets have ever had to wear a cone!

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