Haiku by Dog: Back

Haiku by Dog: he may be different / in size, shape and color, but / he's got my backToday’s haiku is by Lilah.

Seven years ago, when the good people of Husky House went to pull some “Husky” mix pups from a high-kill facility in Louisiana, the shelter people said the litter included a black dog.

Rather than argue, Husky House transported all the houndy-looking tan puppies and one Border Collie-looking black dog to New Jersey together.

I visited the foster family that took in the pups after my four-year-old dog Rosie died from cancer. (Don’t get me started or I’ll cry. Even now. Seven years later.) I was going to adopt one puppy, but when I saw how close the two dogs were, I knew immediately that I would adopt them both.

These two are good friends, who obviously love each other. When Lilah was younger and scared of everything, Jasper was at her side, calming her. When Jasper ran into serious health complications, Lilah would let me know when her brother wasn’t feeling well. When he’s sad or worried, she cleans his ears.

I’m so glad I let my heart rule the day I decided to bring them both into our lives.

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dawgz like yin N yang
    total lee rockin fotoz
    with waves two ewe both


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