Haiku by Cat: Understand

#haikubycat I don't understand / why cats are not allowed on / the kitchen table

Today’s haiku is by Calvin.

When you live with cats, you learn that rules are more like suggestions.

Or they may be subject to all kinds of exceptions and caveats.

Which is why, even though all my cats know that they are not allowed on the kitchen table, I will find one or another of them on the table if:

  • I’m not in the kitchen.
  • They think I’m not in the kitchen.
  • They think I’m about the leave the kitchen.
  • I left the kitchen.
  • I’m in the kitchen but not looking at them.
  • I’m in the kitchen and am looking at them, but turn my head away for a moment.
  • There’s something on the other side of the kitchen, and the shortest way to get to it is by walking across the table.
  • There’s something tasty on the table.
  • There’s something interesting on the table.
  • There’s anything on the table. (Then the cat can sit on the item that is on the table, and then they are technically, not on the table.)
  • Just because.

Do your pets know the rules of your home and follow them?

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    dood…that rool iz old
    pay noe a ten shunz two it
    stay on de taybullz


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