Haiku by Cat: Lunch

if not for this glass / little sparrow, you’d be lunch / and I’d be happy #HaikuByCat

We keep our Cat TV (otherwise known as the the picture window in our family room) permanently tuned to The Bird Channel. The eight bird feeders in our shade garden ensure that there is always something good to watch—at least when it’s light out. Add a plush bench, and there’s seating for everyone—including the dogs.

Sometimes the programming includes squirrels—and in the warmer months, chipmunks—but the resident felines spend quite a bit of time watching whatever is on at the moment.

They have quite a list of favorite shows, including:

  • Better Call Squirrel
  • The Big Beak Theory
  • Bird Schitts Creek
  • Breaking Birdfeeders
  • Claw and Order
  • Doctor Whoo
  • Game of Flowns
  • House of Cardinals
  • Orange is the New Blackbird
  • Pretty Little Flyers
  • The Real House Sparrows of New Jersey
  • The Squawking Dead
  • Stranger Wings
  • This Old Nest
  • Twin Beaks
  • Worst Wing

What do your pets like to watch? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. We watch some of those same shows!

  2. meowmeowmans says:

    We love those channels, too. Especially the squirrel one!

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