Haiku by Cat: Intend

why'd you put it there / if you didn't intend it / to be a cat bed? #HaikuByCat #Haikusday

Today’s haiku is by Athena.

If you put something down—on any surface—if a cat can sit or lie on it, it is a cat bed.

Some things my cats have decided are beds:

  • Towels: Best if newly laundered and folded
  • Bags: Paper, plastic, and the more eco-conscious reusable cloth kind (as seen above)
  • Laptop: Kind of like a lap, but warmer and more disruptive
  • Keyboard: Variation on a laptop; more fun if the cat steps on the Delete key or one that causes the computer to make noise
  • Newspaper: Only really counts if someone is reading it at the time
  • Books or magazines: If I set it down and walk away for a fraction of a nanosecond
  • My coat: Best if it’s cold outside
  • Scarf or hat: See above
  • Suitcase: When I’m packing; rarely when I’m unpacking
  • Any important piece of paper: Like a signed document or bill that needs to be paid; never on junk mail

Notice that an actual cat bed is not on the list. I believe there’s something in the Cat Codex (Section X, Paragraph 3 if I’m not mistaken, under the category “What to Lie Upon”) that states that the more an object is obviously intended to be a bed, the more it exudes the essential essence of bedness, the less appealing said object shall be.)

What have your cats blessed with their physical presence? 

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  1. Jan says:

    Our cat is black so anything white

  2. meowmeowmans says:

    Athena, that’s s seriously wise haiku!

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