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Haiku By Cat: Whichever

Haiku By Cat: I’ll come down when I / feel like it or when dinner’s served, / whichever is first.

Today’s Haiku is by Calvin.

My cats like to get high.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s just so they can look down on the other inhabitants of our house. 

Or maybe so they can find the bald spot (or in my case the grey hair) on top of a human’s head.

Or comment on the places the negligent staff didn’t dust.

Do your cats like to get high? Why do you think they do?

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5 Comments on "Haiku By Cat: Whichever"

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    dood an eye dea a
    haz yur food brought two ewe ther
    de best oh both werldz ~~~~


  2. I’ve always suspected Bear loves looking down on me … you know, the proper order of things and all.

  3. Maybe you can get dinner served to you up there, Calvin.

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