Haiku by Cat: Drifting

Haiku by Cat: aboard lap, drifting / sleep warmed by sun, purrs engaged / human stays anchored

Today’s haiku is by Dawn.

You’re sitting at your computer, typing up some really wise Facebook post guaranteed to get you a bazillion Likes and vault you into the viral stratosphere, when your cat hops up on your lap. She turns around once, twice. Makes a few muffins, digging adorable but pointy bits into your legs. Then she settles down and starts to purr.

It is at this moment that you realize you probably should have made that trip to the bathroom a half hour ago. And the vibrations of the purr are causing tsunami waves in your bladder.

But there’s Cat Rule #43: A human may not get up when a cat is in her lap.

After all, the cat has chosen your lap to snuggle into.  Not anyone else’s. Yours. She’s purring. Getting up will upset her. She may never visit your lap again. Or, worse, the next time you’re sitting on the couch next to your significant other, the cat will walk across your lap with a catitude in her step, and settle into his lap. That would be awful.

So you sit. Anchored to the chair. Hoping she decides to move of her own accord.

And now you’ve completely forgotten that creative post you were going to write.

It was probably about cats.

Do you ever stay in a position longer than you planned when your pet is on your lap? 

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