Haiku by Cat: Different

our friendship is true / even if we're different and / he smells like dead worms #HaikuByCat #HaikusDay #MicroPoetry #Cat

Today’s haiku is by Calvin.

Calvin loves Tucker. If he’s anywhere nearby, the second he sees Tucker leap on our bed, my cat leaps, too. It’s so fast that the two seem to land on the bed at exactly the same time.

Tucker is not exactly sure about Calvin sometimes, but he’s learned to enjoy the attention I think. It’s sweet to see the two of them together. And even when Tucker gets a bit smelly (he loves to roll in eau de dead worm), Calvin loves him anyway.

So despite an olfactory challenge, my cat loves my dog.

How do your pets get along?

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    yez friendfz R grate
    fishin wermz wood bee better
    trust uz on thiz one!:) ♥♥

  2. Dead worm isn’t the worst of it … we know dogs who roll in much worse. I bet it does your heart good to see them together.

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