Text From Dog: Pillow Talk

#TextFromDog You know what's the best thing about my monkey? Me: No. What? Dog: You can throw him and I can bring him back... and he still let's me use him as a pillow!

Tucker loves to play with stuffed toys. His favorite activity is for me to throw the monkey / turtle / bear / squirrel / ostrich of the day and he’ll bring it back. Kind of like playing ball, but inside and with large stuffed animals. 

Other options are to chew on them, disembowel them (and leave fluffy white stuffing all over the house), try to take them away from whichever other dog is playing with them, or simply, as seen above, to lie on them. They make great pillows. 

Besides, when your head is on the favored monkey / turtle / bear / squirrel / ostrich of the day, other dogs are less likely to steal them from you.

What are some favorite games your pets play with their toys?

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  1. We have a nip nanner that is so worn out and chewed up…but we won’t let the mom throw it out. We still like to play with it.

  2. meowmeowmans says:

    Aww, that’s so sweet, Tucker. We have some nip toys here that have been passed down through generations of cats. So threadbare and well-loved, but still faves.

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