Text from Dog: OMG! Deer!

#TextFromDog There's a deer. And another one. An another. OMG. Me: Why all the barking. Dog: There are deer!

We live in a very wooded part of town, and have come to terms with the fact that we live in the deer’s neighborhood, not the other way around. Sometimes they’re just ambling through, on their way to eat a neighbor’s “deer resistant” shrubs. Sometimes they stop to munch on the food scraps we put out in our compost pile. Sometimes they simply lie down in the pile, snuggling into little deer-sized depressions in the leaves, and taking advantage of the warmth provided by nature’s chemistry.

Just the idea of deer drives my dogs bonkers, as it is written in the Dog Codex Section 3, part 2a: “If there are deer, you must bark. Loudly. Insistently. Incessantly.”

Trouble is, the deer have learned that the deer fencing we put up to keep the deer out of our main yard (the dogs were eating deer poop, and the deer were eating every last plant down to naked stems), also keeps the dogs out of the woods.

So the deer, they just stand there. Or lie there. Staring. Ruminating. Absolutely unconcerned that there are anywhere between one and three dogs barking their butts off and about to implode because of their mere presence.

Can deer laugh?

What drives your pets crazy?

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  1. Jan K says:

    I sometimes think the deer are standing there sticking their tongues out at the dogs, saying “nannanabooboo….you can’t get us…!” LOL
    We saw the deer quite a bit back in the spring and summer, they were right at home in our yard. But we haven’t seen them for a while now, though when we walk in the woods, we know they’ve been there. Luke finds the evidence every time! LOL

    • I think the deer — and the squirrels for that matter — taunt the dogs in their own deery and squirrely ways. We get deer year round but tend to see more in the fall, often bucks with large antlers. It’s safer for my dogs to stay in our fenced-in yard.

  2. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i have lots of deer, wake up and there maybe at least 7 or 8. drives my dogs crazy. my oldest b4 she died would chase them off of the property and come back, i cant trust my 2 younger girls to come back. they eat everything, even things that deer dont normally eat. i live on 11 + acres. i had one deer standing behind me the other day, 5 ft from me and refused to move. you have to be careful b/c they can attack.

    • I know what you mean about not trusting some dogs to come back. I’m confident Lilah and Jasper would come back — not so much with Tucker. A terrier, he never knows when to quit, and I’d expect him to chase a deer so far that he couldn’t find his way home. Deer. Dogs. Always entertaining. 😀

  3. Ruby says:

    I wish I could bark at some deer! That would be pawsome! All I gots are some frickin’ tree rats! Sometimes doves that come to drink and lounge on my fountain. Ma thinks I’m gonna break my neck running from the patio door to the trees to chase them! Hey, I might be nine, butts I’m FAST!
    Ruby ♥

    • Deer are lots of fun to bark at. Sometimes they just stare and pretend they don’t hear the barking. Other times they stamp their feet and SNORT! The dogs will continue to bark no matter what. Ruby, I’m sure you could chase them, but at this time of year, you got to careful, because some of them have very large and pointy antlers!

  4. We don’t have many deers here, but we’re sure they can laugh ! Purrs

  5. We love seeing the deer in our yard. We never get tired of it. Though we don’t bark at them. 😉

  6. Daisy says:

    Daisy goes crazy when deer come into our yard too…or foxes, or chipmunks, or birds, or squirrels, or raccoons… Sometimes there are large families of them, other times just a couple. One time in the heat of summer, a male and female came in and the female decided our yard was a good place to lie down and rest under the shade trees. The male stood guard, watching. They were there for at least half an hour. Keeping Daisy away from the back glass door for that long was a job in itself – she goes into barking overdrive when there are “intruders” in her yard!

    • I can imagine that Daisy must have gone nuts. I actually go out and chase the deer away myself if they stay too long, because I worry one of my dogs will break through a window. They just can’t stand to see the deer just standing (or sitting or lying) there.

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