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Text from Cat: A Work of Art

#TextFromCat Consider the cat. Worth of admiration. A work of art. Me: More like a piece of work.

Cats always seem to have such high opinions of themselves, don’t they? It’s an image they work hard to project: beauty, dignity, majesty.

It’s exactly that seriousness, that self-aware snootiness, that makes them so easy to laugh at.

Because a creature so elegant, so perfect, so poised would never miscalculate a jump, knock over a knick-knack, or have an errant piece of fuzz stuck on her whiskers.

Nope. That would never happen.

Cats. Am I right?

Do your pets belong on pedestals? Or think they do?

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2 Comments on "Text from Cat: A Work of Art"

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  1. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    elsa….we iz guessin…. de DAWGZ…… answered ewe ……….


  2. I definitely agree that cats are a piece of work!! My cat thinks he is better than the pedestal. MOL!!

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