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#TextFromDog She's faster than a speeding chipmunk. More powerful than a confused terrier. Able to leap over hosta in a single bound. She's Lilah, Super Dog! Me: You are, Lilah! You are one super dog!

For the moment, let’s ignore the fact that Lilah knows she’s not supposed to be playing / hunting / nosing around in the hosta.

I’m a huge fan of hosta. It doesn’t mind shade. Or damp feet. Or—once it’s past the early growing stage—the occasional chipmunk-chasing dog charging through its leaves. Hosta comes in all kinds of varieties, with different shades of green, white and yellow leaves. And they all have tall pretty blooms in late spring and early summer. 

But what I like most about hosta is what a great hiding place it is for chipmunks who are trying to avoid dogs—to whom the “chip chip chip” sound of the little critter’s startle cry is more like a siren song, irresistible to dogs. But once little Chip or Dale finds his (or her) way into the protecting embrace of hosta, they’re home free. Usually, they scramble up the tree in the middle of this particular hosta patch until they are high enough to avoid dog noses (and teeth!), and where they will wait until the coast is clear before heading back down to earth to eat my plants.

Oh well.

After losing a chipmunk to the hosta / tree combination, Lilah (or Jasper or Tucker or any combination thereof) will leap out of the hosta patch, happy even if they didn’t get their prize. The fun is in the chase.

And for me, the fun is in the fact that I don’t have to bury an ex-chipmunk.

What do your pets like to hunt or chase?

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  1. But there’s so much fun stuff that hides in the plants!

  2. Hahahaha. Bear’s well-known for getting out and then hiding behind the rose-bush so I can’t bring him inside. He’s set up camp there for hours.

  3. Mary McNeil says:

    One farmhouse I rented had hostas around the front door…and a resident snake. (non-poisonous, but still somewhat startling to come upon.)_

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