Text from Dog: Nope

 Text from Dog: I’m fine on the deck.  don’t want to go in the grass. Me: Why? Dog: It rained last night. I don’t want to get my toes wet.

Jasper may be a 74-pound hound who chases deer, hunts groundhogs, and barks at every possible threat or invasion (including the UPS guy and chipmunks.)

But don’t let that fool you. He’s a princess. If the grass is wet, he’s likely to stay on the deck and not head into the yard because… his toes might encounter moisture. 

Apparently, this is a Very Bad Thing. 

So, Jasper says he’ll wait on the deck until the grass and the ground beneath it dries up, thank you very much.  Which may be next summer.

He’s got a long wait.

How do your pets feel about getting wet?

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  1. Ruby says:

    I HEAR YA DUDE!!!! I don’t knows why that is considered so weird! I have the same policy! Wet feets are definitely a NO! (so are wet furs, btw….)
    I thinks we need to form a support group!
    Ruby ♥

  2. The struggle is real 😉
    ps – Bear Cat’s been known to go running out into the pouring rain and dare me to come get him. Not that I’m suggesting that or anything.

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