Text from Dog: Mother’s little helper


Text from Dog: Need help with dinner? I could taste the cat’s food. Me: No thx. Cat: Just thought I’d offer.

It’s nice to have help in the kitchen when I’m preparing meals for our dogs and cats.

Though it depends on how you define help.

In my case, it means:

  • Providing lovely background music: a chorus of meows by the All Feline Hungry Choir.
  • Offering a running commentary on the speed and quality of the food preparation: provided by the Cats Who Have Never Been Fed.
  • Ensuring I get the right ingredients: Canine Food Inspection Unit accompanies my every move, back and forth to cabinets, drawers, and fridge.
  • Watching the preparation itself: Mealtime Oversight Committee supervises from several vantage points, including the step stool, kitchen table and counter (2 of which are off limits, but… cats.)
  • Washing the floor of food debris: Able to detect particles as small as .0000001 micron, thorough cleaning is guaranteed by the Pink Tongue Food Particle Removal System.

I don’t know how I would be able to get anything done without such dedicated helpers.

How do your pets help you get their dinner ready?

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  1. suzanprincess says:

    Three cats’ nightly routine: When food prep starts one paces rapidly but quietly until his dish is in my hand, ready to move to his dining spot, then complains loudly about my slowness for the 5 steps I take. Another takes her spot near the doorway to prevent the third from passing through, just because she can, until both their dishes are in transit. Every night.

    • Love your description! That sounds a lot like our meal prep. The cats always have complaints about the service; like yours, mine think it’s way too slow. And there are always a couple (Dawn, Elsa Clair, and sometimes Athena) who believe that pre-meal activities include bopping other cats — and sometimes dogs. Meal time is never dull. 😉

  2. what would we ever do without that kind of help?? MOL

    • I don’t know. I truly don’t. I mean, I’d probably forget I have dogs and cats, and if I actually remembered, for sure I’d forget to feed them, or I’d do it wrong, or too slow. Thank goodness they’re there to help.

  3. That’s one thing us cats rarely do. We usually climb right up on the counter and try to help. 😉

  4. We are sure she couldn’t do it without you.

  5. Daisy says:

    Daisy stares and sometimes complains if we’re not dishing her dinner out fast enough, especially if the person scooping is talking at the same time. She wants all the attention focused on FOOD. And when I’m preparing our dinner, she stands at my side staring up at me waiting for that inevitable carrot slice. 🙂

    • You talk while you prepare Daisy’s food? Seriously? How can you concentrate on the most important task of the day if you’re distracted? It’s no wonder she keeps a close eye on you. (And so cute she loves carrots! My dogs come running when they hear my slicing carrots on the cutting board. They recognize the sound!)

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