Text From Dog: Scent of Adventure

There's a thing! Under the snow! Tucker sniffed it. But I sniffed it first. Could be a vole. Or rabbit poop.

Sniffs are kind of like barks. So much better to enjoy, share, and discuss with friends.  

Also like barks, there’s usually a bit of canine cache that goes to the dog who sniffed it — or barked it — first. That pup sports an extra swagger in the step and swing in the tail, at least until the next adventure. 

What do your pets like to share with each other?

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  1. We hope it wasn’t rabbit poop. 😀

    • Well, let’s just say it wasn’t rabbit poop right then. Once the snow melted, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Like the Easter Bunny really did hop through our yard and leave treats. Yuck. (And they kiss me with those tongues!)

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