Text from Dog: Is there a dog on it?

Text from Dog: Is there a dog on the bed? Me: Yes. Dog: Then it's done being made up.

So much for making the bed, straightening out the bedspread, and adding decorative pillows. Kind of hard to do with a fifty-something pound dog in the center. Who will. Not. Move. Because he’s way too comfortable.

Now I have to choose between attempting to make the bed around the dog. Or leaving the room long enough for Tucker to jump off and follow me.

I have trained him to respond to the “Off!” command, and I can use that as well. But the look he gives me — why would I be so cruel as to make this poor dog move from the most comfortable place in the house? — is sometimes just not worth it. I haven’t packed for that guilt trip.

Of course there’s one more option: leave the bed as it is. A human someone is going to sleep in it by the end of the day anyway, so does it really matter? That’s my kids’ philosophy.

Do your pets help you make the bed, or with other household tasks?

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  1. MOL! We are exactly the same way. If we’re on the bed, it doesn’t get made. 😉

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