Text from Dog: I. Can’t. Even.

Text from Dog: They just pulled in the driveway! They're getting out of the car! They're almost at the door. It's so exciting. I. Can't. Even.


The barks. The wags. The howls. The moans.

It doesn’t matter who pulls into our driveway or walks up our path. It’s always exciting for the dogs.

How do your pets react when someone visits?

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  1. Ruby says:

    Well….HELL YEAH! I start barkin’ the second that garage door goes up! and I bark and whine and do zoomies too! It IS just so exciting! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  2. suzanprincess says:

    Three cats: At a knock on the door WiDget (aka Wolverine in Disguise) goes to check out and welcome any arrival, Katja disappears until the visitor leaves, Zoe stays placidly in place in her favorite spot on my/her waterbed.

    • Our cats all have different ways of dealing with company. Dawn and Calvin hide like your Katja. Elsa Clair is like your Zoe; she can’t be bothered. And Athena comes to greet people because they might pet her and tell her she’s beautiful.

  3. Joxter the schnauzer stands at the top step so he can see out the window at the top of the back door. Waits til we open it. Even if I have just left minutes before to pick up my kids who has not seen all day he will always run to me first, as if he hadn’t seen me in weeks. Then he briefly jumps on each of them. But he shows me the love.

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