Text from Dog: He can’t bear the thought

#TextFromDog: I love my bear. It’s my bear. It's not Jasper’s or Lilah's or any of the cats. Me: I don’t think the cats want you bear. Dog: You haven’t seen the way they look at it.

At last count, we had 463 1/2 stuffed animals in our home. Though “stuffed” is a relative term, since many of them are in various stages of destuffification. (Thus, the 1/2.)

However, at any given moment, one of them is the Best One. The One That Everyone Wants. The One That Must Be Guarded At All Costs.

Because someone might take it and claim it for him or herself—and it might even be one of the cats, probably Athena since she has a habit of stealing Tucker’s toys. Or worse, it could be Lilah, who reads Tucker like a vegan reads ingredients, and knows just when to lie next to one of his toys, which in her book is the same as staking a claim. Though she never really wants the toy; she just wants to toy with Tucker, who will not attempt to take said toy away from her because she’ll growl at him, and that’s scary. Fun game for Lilah. Not so much for Tucker.

Thus it’s best for Tucker to bring his treasure to his bed and place his head proprietarily on top of the Toy Of The Moment, thus proclaiming his ownership.

Until the UPS guy pulls in the driveway and, caught up in the moment, my terrier leaves his prize behind and someone grabs his bear.

It’s tough being Tucker.

What are your pets’ favorite toys?

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  1. How nice you have a furiend of your very own, Tucker.

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