Text From Dog: Cat-Astrophe

Text From Dog: It's bad enough that it's wet outside. Then, when we come in you wipe our feet. Me: That's not such a big deal, Jasper. Dog: But then! The stupid cat has to get in the way. And flick his tail on my legs. Me: Sounds awful, Jasper. Dog: So rude! Me: I don't know how you bear it. Dog: A treat would help.

Calvin loves to rub the dogs. He strolls among all those legs and rubs and purrs, and curls his tail right under my dogs’ noses.

Usually, Lilah just walks away. When Calvin rubs Tucker, he tends to get a bit concerned because of his experience with Athena and her tendency to get pointy when he walks by (usually with a slobbery ball, so you can’t really blame her).

But Jasper doesn’t get it; he doesn’t speak Cat and therefore does not understand what Calvin is doing or why he is doing it. And when Jasper is confused, he’s sure that the best thing to make it all better is a treat.

Because treats help in nearly all situations.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Jasper.

Do your pets understand each other?

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  1. Maybe the cat was trying to help?

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