Text from Dog: Blowing in the wind

#TextFromDog:I’m not a fan of windy days. Me: Why? Dog: It messes up my fur and blows my ears around. Me: I like the look. Dog: That’s because you don’t have floppy ears.

All my dogs have floppy ears. But Tucker has these lovely silky strands of fur tufts that hang off his pinnae (the technical term for ear flaps). On windy days, Tucker’s ears tend to catch the breeze, giving him a model-with-long-hair-blowing look. I find it beyond adorable, but I get the feeling he’d just as soon not have his ears blowin’ in the wind.

As for my other dogs, Jasper’s ears are relatively thick and heavy, so they don’t tend to blow much. Lilah’s are more flippy than floppy—short and not as easily flipped. Still, she is not a fan of wind either, though I think it has more to do with the sound and the way the trees sway than how it affects her body. It’s unnaturally. Trees aren’t supposed to move. And air is not supposed to make noise. Lilah has standards.

I’m sure my dogs will be happy when the winds of spring die down a bit, and we’re left with the softer currents of summer. But as for me? I’ll miss those tufts.

What do your pets think of wind?

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  1. Don’t you just hate when they’re right?! At least dogs are a bit more forgiving 😉

  2. meowmeowmans says:

    We may not have floppy ears, but we’re with your mom, Tucker. You look mahvelous!

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