Text from Cat: Humans are weird

#TextFromCat: I really like the new cat bed. Me: TBH, it isn’t intended to be a cat bed. Cat: What’s is supposed to be for? Me: It’s a doll bed. Cat: A bed for a fake human? People are so weird.

I bought this toy bed for my daughter Corinne—or to be specific, for her American Girl doll—back when the doll was the Coolest Thing Ever. I couldn’t afford most of the AG accessories, but at flea markets, we’d sometimes find appropriately sized items, and every once in a while, I could spring for one. 

The bed has stayed in our home as Corinne went off to college, moved to Brooklyn, got married, held several jobs, moved to New Jersey—and will be buying a house this month. We still have the doll as well—one of the special order look-alike ones that I saved for months to be able to afford. It’s kept sealed in a clear plastic box in the basement, waiting for the day when there might be a grandchild who will think the doll is the Coolest Thing Ever.

When Elsa Clair discovered the “cat bed” in Corinne’s old room, she moved right in. I don’t blame her; it does seem quite comfy. I put a cushion on top that I could easily wash when the cat fur built up or a certain someone deposited a hairball. 

In the meantime, I’m amused, and find reasons to stop in the room and visit the cat in her miniature bunk bed.

I will admit to looking for doll beds again at garage sales and flea markets. This time, though, they’re intended for cats.

What interesting places do your pets sleep?

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  1. databbiesotrouttowne says:

    my stars Elsa, your bed….YOUR bed… is “the coolest thing ever ” ~ hugs from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥♥

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