Text From Cat: Big Bug Hunter

#TextFromCat: There's a thing! On the wall! I think it's a spider! I will hunt it! For I am Calvin, Destroyer of spider! Me: It’s just a speck of dirt. Cat: I thought I saw legs.

But if it was a spider, Calvin would have been right on it.

It’s good to have helpful hunters around the house. But don’t tell Calvin; if it was an insect or a bug, I would have rescued it and set it outside. Even if it was a spider.

How do your pets keep you safe?

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  1. Mom says it is one thing if there actually IS a bug. But when we just pick a spot and stare at it, that is even more creepy.

  2. I’m the same way – I intervene and steal the bug to put it outside. NOT a popular choice in these parts. To be fair, they DID find them …

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