News: Dogs and Cats living together–only bigger

I still marvel at the original video of Savannah the cheetah cub and Max the puppy playing together at the Cincinnati Zoo. It truly was a moment of “aww.”

But this most recent video, with the two friends romping in the snow is downright adorable. Proof that dogs and cats can live together. Even if they’re big cats like cheetahs.

According to the story on io9, it’s “very common for zoos to pair cheetahs and dogs, and has been for years.”  Apparently, the companionship of dogs keeps cheetahs calm and gives them someone to cuddle up with at night. The dog gets a best friend who just happens to purr.

Sounds about right to me.

As I was watching the videos, two of my big cats (at least they think so) heard the sound from the video and decided to investigate.

Little cats watching a big cat play with a dog. Is that triple cute?

Cats watching jaguar on laptop

Calvin and Elsa Clair watch Savannah and Max.



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