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Dog-friendly Subaru funds research to keep your dog safe

Dogs love to ride in the car

Dogs love to ride in the car

“Want to go for a ride in the car?”

Most dogs respond to that question with happy wags and leaps of joy translating loosely into, “Yes, please. Now?”

But how safe is your Fido or Fifi when riding with you?

The automaker Subaru is funding research by the nonprofit Center for Pet Safety, using dog-style crash-test dummies to test restraints. So far, the results found that some popular dog harnesses do keep dogs from distracting the driver, but many aren’t able to withstand the force of a crash.

And in case you’re wondering, the tests were performed with dummies representing a 25-pound terrier, a 45-pound border collie and a 75-pound golden retriever.

Read more at Automotive News.


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